Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly @ Millenium Square, PJ

Summergirl thought of having a rest for weekend coffee hunting this week, but couldn’t help when she scrolled down some coffee pictures by @Coffeegoodgollymissmolly on instagram. Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly, a very long, catchy cafe name that is difficult to remember, but becomes unforgettable once you remember it. Like a mini tang twister that gets your tongue tied up.

Good Molly Miss Golly… Good Golly Miss Molly… Miss Molly Good Golly… Mood Molly Good Golly… Summerkid almost wanted to bang Summergirl to the wall, as his head got spinning listening to her repeating the cafe name for countless time in the wrong way. In the end, we found the easiest way to remember the cafe name- take its abbreviation CGGMM. One C double G double M. (^.^)V

Located in Millenium Square, Section 14, Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly serves as one of the latest coffee places in town, opened since less than three months ago.

The cafe inherites a combination of earthy and modern contemporary elements like many other coffee places- exposed bricks, shinny wooden floorings, yellowish lighting, black coloured chairs, wooden tables, dark colour framed French windows, etc for a raw, rustic charm.

Not much surprises from the interior but the cozy, calm environment counts. And clearly, good coffee takes the limelight here.

This cappucino is huge enough to serve two. It is a pull of two shots, more milk, hence more milky, less bitter, and we like the lovely sweet note. Apart from size, what makes this coffee special is the serving cup- pouring mouth at the drinking edge, and a cutie cat crawling on top.

Remember to finish your drink, so that you have a small fish reveals at the bottom, for the cat. We know we shouldn’t judge a cup of coffee by the appearance, but can’t deny it is really adorable. Dear owner, may I know where to get this cup?

Their serving style continues to surprise, having Picollo Latte to present in old-style Kopitiam’s porcelain cup and saucer. More vibrant and intensed with sweet chocolaty compared to the former, equally smooth and soothing to drinking.

Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly serves coffee in ideal drinking temperature, which is around 65-70 degree celcius. In case you want your coffee hotter, the barista is more than happy to make a tune for your cuppa of coffee. The cafe uses Mandheling coffee, finely roasted by Artisan Roast, one of the reknowned coffee roaster in Malaysia. Since coffee is the highlights here, food sums up to simple varieties such as scones, cakes, designer chocolate, and croissant. Nothing heavy but everything pairs well with your coffee.

Chocolate here is from Chocolate Chapters, a confectionary specializes in designer chocolate for weddings, corporates, events and special occassion. For this Father’s Day, Chocolate Chapters launches a series of chocolate as a note of appreciation to all Daddy. But of course, the cafe is kind enough to give everyone a piece of squared chocolate in conjunction with this special celebration.

Not the classic Tiramisu that features a fully-soaked-up-with-Kahlua, soft and soggy type, but towards cheesecake like. Creamy, with a spongy layer in between.

We do recommend the Carrot Cake that comes in moist to the palate, laid with natural sweetness of carrots and raisin, generously smothered with cream cheese frosting.

Don’t worry if you weren’t a coffee lover, as Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly is ready with non-coffee beverage such as San Pellegrino, the premium sparkling fruit drink from Italy. We tried out the Aranciata(orange) which develops a sweet, citrus flavour coupled with fizzy, chilling touch. Best for the hot day that sweeps across Malaysia recently.

*Special thanks to Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly for churning out extra cakes, chocolate and drinks for our tasting. Appreciate. *Bow*

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Coffee Good Golly Miss Molly
G-005 Ground Floor, Millenium Square,
Dataran Millenium PJ,
Jalan 14/1 Petaling Jaya,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Phone: 03-7931 8481
Operation Hours: Mon – Fri (8:00am – 8:00pm)
Sat & Sun : 10am – 8pm