[Hong Kong 6D5N] Stone Slabs Street 石板街 @ Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

After devoured into Tai Chung egg tart, Lan Fong Yuen Milk Tea and spent more than an hour admiring all items in Goods of Desire, we checked out the next station, the Pottinger Street.

Pottinger Street, or better known as Stone Slabs Street石板街 by locals, is made from uneven stone slabs to facilitate walking, seeing that this is another steep hillside area.

Indeed, it is easier to climb up this way comparing to normal staircase. It saved up more energy.  Just as we walked up, we saw only closed stalls at the left and right. We were there too early. Else, we would be able to feast our eyes with colourful merchandise such as wig, mask, feather boas,hair bands,etc.

Not much surprise to discover in Central, and we were not in the mood for luxury shopping. So we headed straight to Starbucks in Dudell street, the popular coffee chain that resembles the interior into old style bing sutt of Hong Kong.

We realize that Central is a place that combines modernity and vintage. While luxury outlets are all around you, a turn into a street you will be welcomed with old, historical shops that make you feel warm, folksy…

..such as roadside stalls lined up with old style steel stools and tables, zinc roof counters. Looks shabby, but these are the places that one should dig into, to experience Hong Kong daily life with locals, even though it is just merely two or three days..

Hectic life in Hong Kong. Everyone here walks fast, and forget how to slow down. But we, after being tourists here for few days, saw the contrast between our pace and theirs. We are slow here, they are fast. And yet, we started to realize, we were actually having almost the same pace as them when back in KL city. What a life.

But, look to the right, and look to the left. Still, you need to cross the road, and life, continues.

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Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl