Japanese Hakata Tsukemen @ Hakata Ippudo Malaysia

Tsukemen, the popular summer noodles in Japan has landed in Hakata Ippudo Ramen Malaysia! While the signature Classic Hakata-style Shiromaru Ramen; Akamaru Ramen that blends in miso paste and fragrant garlic oil; cashew-nut, spiciness enhanced Karaka-Men are still the most delightful ramen to devour in, take a twist and slurp in Ippudo’s Tsukemen which is available only in limited time, from the month of July till September.

Differ from usual ramen where noodles are immersed in pipping hot soup when served, Tsukemen is served separately- a plate of chilling ramen and a bowl of tongue-burning soup. To eat it, dip some noodles into the soup, allowing the ramen to get lightly coated with soup, then shove them deep down the throat.

This concept comes in because summer in Japan is scorching hot, so the dipping of cold noodles into warm soup balance up the overall temperature and make your ramen experience more enjoyable comparing to eating ramen directly from soup.

The noodle itself, is much thicker, but no doubt chewy, springy. Soup is made much richer, more flavour laden and will be too salty if you were to drink it on its own. It is made so as the noodles only get contacted with the soup for a few seconds, it need to be stronger, capturing best flavours of broth onto the ramen.

After finishing all noodles, pour some hot water to the soup, lighten up the broth and gracefully drink it up. Exquisite ramen, nourishing broth, a ramen can’t be any better than that!

Apart from Hakata Tsukemen, Ippudo also launches three types of sushi together with this special Summer promotion. Be it Spicy Tuna Roll, Unagi Cheese Roll and Salmon Avocado Bacon Roll, all taste good, hardly decide which one is better.

Salmon Avocado Bacon Roll serves to be the most unique, topping up the creaminess of avacado and salmon with a smoky touch from bacon.

Spicy Tuna Roll showcases a mild, harmony sensation at the first few munch, but do not underestimate the spicy aftertaste of homemade spicy mayo that is thinly brushed around the rice, as it does fire up the throat soon after.

Unagi Cheese Roll tastes paler compared to the formers, however the cheesiness of cheese has done a good marriage with unagi that is also soft, moist and easily melt in the mouth.

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