Toh Yuen Restaurant Mooncake @ Klang Executive Club

This year, upholding the rich culture of Mid-Autumn festival with handmade mooncakes by Toh Yuen Restaurant from Klang Executive Club, presenting varieties of sweetened encasing dough filled with nuts, yolk, sweet lotus paste and other delectable ingredients.

According to Chief Executivee Chef of Toh Yuen, Chef Tee, the Snow Skin Dragon Fruit Mooncake is the best seller at Toh Yuen, featuring chewy, elastic soft skin in adorable pinkish colour, wrapping dense and creamy filling that is not too sweet, carrying a faint hint of fruitiness from dragon fruit.

But of course, other flavours such as Pandan Snow Skin Mooncake, traditional baked skin mooncake with Mixed Nuts and Baked Skin Mooncake with Lotus Paste are as good, reasonably priced from RM10.50 onwards, till RM66.00 for a box set.

Place your order before the promotion ends. Contact +60333446806, 3344 3888 or visit Klang Executive Club, Persiaran Bukit Raja 2, Klang for your mooncake.