RGB & The Bean Hive Cafe @ Jalan Damai, Kuala Lumpur

Abandoned. Deserted. Hidden.
These were the words that popped up in our mind as the GPS brought us to RGB & The Bean Hive. Are we here? The answer was certainly ‘YES’, as we pushed the door in and greeted with aroma of coffee.

When RAWcoffee, one of the best coffee places in Kuala Lumpur closed down at Wisma Equity KL, many start to track down the whereabout of this popular cafe. Good news for all, they have come back and now located at Lot 35 along Jalan Damai, Ampang, just a stone’s throw away from Raffles Collage of Higher Education.

RAW coffee, or Real And Wholesome cafe, is now named RGB & The Bean Hive cafe, where RGB is the abbreviation of Roast.Grind.Brew. or Rather.Good.Beans or Red.Green.Blue. It seems to have everything of this.

RGB & The Bean Hive continues their roasting and brewing business in a bungalow house, no appealing shop sign currently but you know you are there as you saw the signature wooden-crafted “RAWcoffee” sign humbly hang at the entrance, from far.

This new tucked away location, in the quiet housing area of Jalan Damai, away from bustling of KL city is indescribable. Just spot for a house painted all in white with semi-wild garden, and a row of bamboo trees which are newly planted.

RGB & The Beehive proves to be a better place now, stepping inside makes you feel like you are going back home, but here at RGB they get the plus point for having good coffee. Two large tables near the entrance and towards inner side, more seats available, with an opened central courtyard that is ideal for small parties and events at anytime.

Painted in all white to exude a homey, comfy environment but goes lively at certain points with colourful furnitures and decorations. One section is designed as a standard cafe, arranging rows of wooden tables with contrasting white and red colour chairs…

…While another section is a more relax- shelves brimming with books and framed pictures, sofas with patterned pillows, etc. Bold decorations and bright colours to sum up this boutique coffee shop.

Same as before, RGB takes freshness and taste of beans to the extreme level. This micro-roastery do not compromise on the quality of coffee serves to all guest, making sure that every cup of coffee leaves satisfaction to each customer.

While the coffee is great, the hot chocolate stills has a room for improvement. It is no doubt velvety smooth and milky, but lack of chocolaty. Apart from coffee, check out their nutritious, healthy vegan menu which are also the important elements that brought up the name of this coffee place.

RGB and The Bean Hive cafe opens from 10.30am to 6.30pm during weekday, 10.00am to 6.00pm on weekends. Though hidden, the place is surprisingly full house in the afternoon. So plan your visit time, if you prefer to enjoy your coffee quietly.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

RGB & The Bean Hive
Lot 35, Jalan Damai,
Ampang, 55000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2181 1329
Business Hours: 10.30am – 6.30pm ( Mon- Fri)
10.00am – 6.00pm (Sat, Sun)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RatherGoodBeans