Nine Bowls Boat Noodles @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas, Kuala Lumpur [MOVED]

Nine Bowls Publika has closed down. The restaurant shifted to SS2, right beside Maybank and named as Ruay Street. New address for 9bowls/Ruay Street : No6G, Jln Ss2/63 PJ 47300. Contact: 603-7865 4923

“Eat as many bowls of boat noodles your tummy can fit in, stack the empty bowls as high as high as possible, and then take a photo with your piled high bowls, finally instagram/Facebook it. ” — This seems to becoming one of the latest trend around the town ever since Boat Noodles opened their first shop in Empire Damansara, attracting throng of crowds to pay a visit, willingly wait for more than two hours(*sometimes) to savour a good, delicious bowl of boat noodles.

Boat Noodles expands swiftly, launching three more outlets in The School Jaya One, Publika Solaris Dutamas KL and Ikon Connaught Cheras. We have seen customers line up waiting for seats at every outlet, worse especially during peak lunch and dinner hours.

We were at Publika last weekend afternoon, around 4pm, and Boat Noodles was full house with short queue, despite its location at the end corner of the building. We walked back to the opposite direction towards Coffee Stain by Joseph, discovered the newly open shop that has the same concept of Boat Noodles, named Nine Bowl Original Thai Boat Noodles.

It is located between Coffee Stain by Joseph and Taipei Taipei. We went in for a try, not wanting to judge how many bowls we could actually indulge in, as we ordered only one bowl for each flavour, intended to just taste if Nine Bowl’s  boat noodles is noteworthy. Not big eaters, so obviously we will lose if we joined the bowl stacking activity.

There are three flavours available- Pork Boat Noodles, Tom Yum Boat Noodles and Beef Pork Noodles. All priced at RM1.90 per bowl. Same as Boat Noodles, it arrived in super mini size, at most two spoonfuls with soup just enough to cover the noodles.

Tom Yum Boat Noodles RM1.90/bowl
We found Nine Bowls’s Tom Yum Boat Noodles falls on sweeter side, with less pronounced sourness that turns the overall flavours mild in spiciness instead of fiery hot, tongue numbing.

Pork Boat Noodles RM1.90/ bowl
Tastes clean at the first sip, but not pale, as the sweetness of meat released into the soup comes in a right level. Topped with ingredients of one meatball, further garnished with minced meat pieces and chopped kangkung, parsley.

Beef Boat Noodles RM1.90/bowl
Clearly more flavourful compared to Pork Boat Noodles, heavier in taste, which is also Summerkid’s favourite. The broth is thick, rich, packed with flavours, beautifully coat to the chewy, slippery smooth noodles.

Not sure if Nine Bowls can beat Boat Noodles in term of crowds, but for the taste, Nine Bowls has won our heart. Hopefully the quality stays when we revisit.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Nine Bowls Original Thai Boat Noodles
(Beside Coffee Stain by Joseph)
Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.