Hong Kong Gei Dan Jai 香港雞蛋仔 @ Eggette Lab蛋仔工坊, Sunway Pyramid

Hong Kong Eggttes, or Gei Dan Jai (雞蛋仔) is the must-have, and one of the more memorable, popular street snacks we had back in Hong Kong, especially the one from North Point 北角雞蛋仔.

Summergirl jumped with joy when she saw a Hong Kong Egglets kiosk- Eggette Lab 蛋仔工坊 opening soon at Asian Avenue (next to Nbrew Nitrogen Ice Cream), Sunway Pyramid. Though she knows that it will not be as good as the gei dan zai in Hong Kong.

First time there, it was under renovation.
Second time, sold out.
Third time, we finally get to taste it.

Service was super duper slow. The entire process from purchasing, ordering to making of gei san zai looks systematic, but when three young men cramp in a small space, one preparing the batter, one taking order, another one making the gei dan jai, what we saw were just: clumsy and not-in-order.

We waited more than an hour for a rack of egglets, and there were 20 orders ahead of us. So be prepared to wait. For us, we placed our order, went for lunch, finished grocery shopping and back just at the nice timing to receive the fresh, piping hot egglette.

Eggette Lab tries to retain the shape, texture and flavours of real gei dan zei as much as possible, but to be truth, there is still room of improvement, long way to go. Crispy at the outside,  pillow soft at the inside, we will rate it as a deconstructed waffles more than a proper gei dan zai.

No doubt, it is meant to be crunchy at the exterior, but Eggette Lab end result was way to thick. A thinner, lighter layer of crispiness will be better. Sweetness dominated the entire rack of gei dan jai. Pancake-like chewiness, not fluffy enough, and we didn’t get the addictive “doink doink” texture. You’ll get what we mean if you tasted the real, original North Point gei dan jai before.

Price starts from RM4 for original flavour, and you can have them in chocolate, pandan, etc. flavour as well. In short, it does serves as a good snack to munch on, just don’t compare to avoid disappointment.

Write Up: Summergirl

Eggette Lab 蛋仔工坊
(Next to NBrew, the entrance next to Digital Centre)
Asian Avenue,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
Bandar Sunway, Selangor.