Youmiqi Shun De Cuisine Chinese New Year 有米氣順德料理新年菜

Due to unforseen reason, Youmiqi at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng is now closed. Patrons can continue to visit Youmiqi at Jalan Klang Lama (Old Klang Road ) to enjoy their delicious Shun De cuisine.

Seafood Stew Wok 海鲜焖锅 rm150
Visit 有米氣 Youmiqi Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and Youmiqi Old Klang Road this coming Chinese New Year for a unique Shunde cuisine meal that you can’t find elsewhere in KL and Klang Valley.

Braised Yellow Sea Cucumber 酿黄肉参 rm180

Youmiqi Chinese New Year Set Menu 2015 starts from RM488 for 4 pax, RM698++ for 6pax, RM998++ for 8 pax, RM1399++ for 10 pax, RM1899++ for 10 pax, and RM2399++ for 10 pax. Ala-carte selections are available too in case you prefer individual order.

Prosperous Lou Sang (salmon) 风生水起齐捞生 rm68

Each set is complete with Prosperous Lou Sang, the must-have practice during Chinese New Year. Putting together ingredients such as shredded ginger, cucumber, carrot, etc., colourful, presentable, eye-catchy and healthy are the words we want to use to describe Youmiqi Lou Sang.

Fried Noodle Fish with Salt & Pepper 椒盐白饭鱼 rm48
One of our favourite dishes from Youmiqi Chinese New Year Set. The long, slim noodle fish denotes a crispy, chewy bites after deep fried to golden brown, further coated with salty, pepperish powder that makes it an addictive snack. Goes well with beer.

Crispy Fried Oyster 酥炸生蚝 rm48
Take a try of the Crispy Fried Oyster, regardless of your liking towards oyster. It is a taste of surprise. Bite across the crunchy, puffy outer layer, a juicy burst of fresh,s slurpy oyster will follow by. Highly recommended.

Lap Mei Claypot Rice 腊味煲仔饭 rm38

Youmiqi Lap Mei Claypot Rice is by far the best Lap Mei Fan we had after sampled different Chinese New Year Sets from several restaurants. Overcooked rice, lack of taste are the two major symtoms we come across for many restaurants’ Lap Mei Fan, but Youmiqi version is so good. Fluffly rice, each grain deeply flavoured with aroma and savouriness of waxed meat/ preserved meat. We usually have one spoonful for Lap Mei Fan, but that night in Youmiqi, Summerkid gobbled down two bowls of the Lap Mei Rice.

Poon Choy 盘菜 rm428

Youmiqi offers 7 types of Poon Choy this year to cater preference of different diners. It starts at RM188(4 pax) for Youmiqi Poon Choi, RM268(6pax) for Reunion Poon Choy, RM618(8pax) for Youmiqi Seafood Poon Choi, RM298(10 pax) for Prosperous Poon Choi, RM428(10pax) for Fatt Choy Poon Choi, RM688(10pax) for Premium Poon Choi, RM999(10pax) for Dragon Horse Poon Choy.

Cheese Baked Yan Tat 芝士焗紫心薯rm29
End the meal with Cheese Baked Yan Tat dessert. A humble, simple purple sweet potato that gets flavour heightened up as it is adorned with a small slice of cheese, baked together to deliver a creamy soft, salty-sweet sensation.

Shrimp sashimi 虎虾拼盘 rm98
Shrimp Sashimi is not on the Chinese New Year Menu, but a worth-ordering dish from their ala-carte menu. Bitter guard, black fungus, fresh shrimp on a bed of ice. How to eat? Probably a question that will raise in everyone’s mind on first time order. Here it is:

1. Chilled black fungus + wasabi + soy sauce
2. Shrimp Sashimi + wasabi + soy sauce
3. Chilled bitter guard + sugar

Interesting sashimi, with unexpected match of ingredients that turn out to be a good marriage. Must-try.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

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