Yoshinoya Beef Bowl and Sanuki Udon Hanamaru @ Mid Valley, KL

Yoshinoya Japenese Beef Bowl Rice and Sanuki Udon Hanamaru at Mid Valley Megamall KL, Level3 have replaced the former location of closed Waku-Waku Japanese Dining (beside MUJI 無印良品, opposite Mid Valley Exhibition Hall). Officially opened on 15th March 2015, Yoshinoya and Hanamaru aim to deliver a brand new dining experience to all shoppers in Mid Valley.

Both Yoshinoya and Hanamaru share the same dining location, hence more choices to choose from. Friends or families who order rice and noodles can sit together, no restriction even though they are different management counters. Order is self-service like fast food restaurant concept.

Japanese beef rice lovers can rejoice over the opening of Yoshinoya, the oldest and largest Japanese beef rice bowl (Gyudon) with over 1800 outlets across the globe including USA, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and finally, Malaysia.

Japanese Beef Bowl (Regular- RM9.80, Large- RM11.80)

Yoshinoya is more than a century old, and till now, a bowl of good quality Gyudon to satisfy customers’ palate is their main priority. Every bowl of Japanese beef rice is bedded with premium Japanese rice, and topped over with 100% imported Japanese beef. Fluffy rice, tender soft beef slices laced with sweetness of onion, you don’t need any extra condiments to finish the bowl of Yoshinoya Japanese beef rice. But you can always add on chicken karaage, onsen egg, salad, miso soup, seaweed soup or egg soup for your dining pleasure.

Apart from Japanese Beef bowl, diners who do not consume beef can also go for other varieties such as chicken rice bowl, chicken yakitori bowl, karaage & onsen egg curry rice, chicken oyako don, vegetable rice bowl and more on the menu list.

Moving on to Hanamaru Udon, a brand specializes in Sanuki Udon made using the best ingredients through unique methods for the signature Hanamaru Taste. Similar to many other udon shop in KL & Klang Valley, Hanamaru Udon takes up 5 steps of self-service style:

1. Take a tray
2. Choose your udon
3. Pick your favourite side dishes
4. Add Oden or rice ball to your meal if you like
5. Pay at the counter. slurp! Enjoy!

Curry Udon (Regular- RM10, Large- RM13)

There are more than 10 choices of udon to choose from- Bukkake Uson, Ontama Bukkake, Kamatama Udon, Kitsune Udon, Wakame Udon, Salad Udon, Curry Udon, Beef Udon, Tori Dashi Udon, Spicy Miso Udon, Zaru Udon, Kamage Udon, and Kake Udon.

Everything is reasonably priced, starting from RM7 for a Basic regular bowl, and the most expensive will go up to only RM15 for a large bowl of Beef Udon from the Chef’s Specialty.

Bukkake Udon (Regular- RM8, Large- RM11)

Udon in Hanamaru is freshly made using high quality first-grade flour to deliver zesty, stong texture. In order to preserve the tastiest noodles to all customer, Hanamaru will never keep the cooked noodles longer than 30 minutes, which will turn the udon into soggy, unpleasant flavour.

Spicy Miso Udon (Regular- RM12. Large- RM15)

For broth, Hanamaru udon uses dried kelp and sardines harvested from the ocean of Japan to impart natural, flavourful aroma of both, then topped off with Hanamaru’s orginal blend of soy sauce for a savoury touch.

We highly recommend egg lovers to order udon with egg, as Hanmaru is proud to serve customer with one of their best ingredients among all- Mori no Tamago, a kind of Japanese egg that can be eaten raw.  Chickens which produce Mori no Tamago are fed with special blend of feed to produce well-balanced, nutritious, safer and healthy egg even for children.

Add a piece or two of tempura to your udon meal. Ebi Tempura/Prawn tempura, Chicken karaage, Kakiage Mixed Vegetable, Satsusaimo Sweet potato, and more. Oden, which is similar to our local yong tau fu, are worth ordering too.

Salad Udon (Regular- RM10, Large- RM13)

So, hop over to Yoshinoya and Hanamaru for a delicious bowl of beef rice and slurpy-licious udon the next time you are in Mid Valley Megamall KL!

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Yoshinya Beef Bowl & Sanuki Udon Hanamaru
(Beside MUJI, near to Marvellous EGG Co)

Lot T-015B, Level 3,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 03 – 2201 8789
Website: www.yoshinoyahanamaru.com.my