Twenty One Grams Cafe @ PJ New Town : Mocha Iced Coconut

Twenty One Grams Cafe, or 21 Grams Cafe / XXl  Grams Cafe is one of the very few new cafes in PJ New Town that serves proper thirdwave coffee and food ideal for breakfast, brunch, lunch, teatime till dinner. Definitely a good news for those who work in PJ New Town (the place where you can find all common banks from Maybank to Public Bank, CIMB Bank, RHB Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, etc. ), as it is now more than convenient to have a grab and go coffee in the morning or after lunch to kill the sleepiness.

Located directly below Strawberry Fields Hotel, Twenty One Grams Cafe exudes a welcoming, cozy interior. Everything is thoughtfully designed with ample of wooden elements.

Look down you have wooden floorings; look up you have ceilings with wooden planks decked up in container box like; turn around you see wooden shelves and walls; sit down and have your coffee placed on wooden table. Though seeing wood at almost every corners, there is no trace of overwhelmed. Colours, tones, and textures of wood come into harmony, layering up well for a pleasant, photography-worthy environment.

Food menu at Twenty One Grams Cafe covers crowd favourites including BIG breakfast, omelette, brioche French toast, egg benedicts suitable during breakfast, but 21 Grams have them available all day in case you are craving for scrambled egg or such during dinner time. Not really into platter combining egg, ham slices, sausages, mushroom and bread? No worries, as Twenty One Grams offers also chicken salad, spaghetti marinara, spicy aglio olio pasta, Southern fried chicken, grilled salmon, Cajun grilled chicken and more main dishes. Surprisingly, we come across Nasi Lemak and Curry Mee on 21 Grams Cafe menu too.

Southern Fried Chicken RM19.90

We tried out Southern Fried Chicken highly recommended by Twenty One Grams Cafe barista, and it tastes really good. Chewy, meaty buttermilk chicken strips jacketed with crunchy, golden outer layer, tangled with a faint hint of seasoning aroma. Sided with seasonal vegetables and home-style fries.

Chicken Pesto Spaghetti RM19.90

“Our customers love our Chicken Pesto Spaghetti”, said one of the staffs in Twenty One Grams Cafe. Eager to know how good is the spaghetti, we gave it a try, even though we were interested to savour the Prawn Linguine that saute pasta with fried prawns, anchovies, spinach and capers initially.

Glad that it turned out delicious as mentioned, having chunky basil pesto sauce lightly coated to strands of pasta. Summerkid usually stays away from pesto pasta due to the heavy vegetal flavour,  but for 21 Grams Cafe version, he happily indulged in more than half of the hearty portion. The cafe managed to call for a balanced, well-rounded flavours between spaghetti and sauce. Recommended.

For 21 Grams Cafe beverage, espresso based coffee like cappuccino, latte, long black, flat white are available. Tea, smoothies, hot chocolate, lemonade are ready for diners who don’t drink coffee. Pairs well with Twenty One Grams desserts and cake like churros, chocolate cheese brownies, dark chocolate waffle and banana crepe, just to name a few.

Mocha Iced Coconut RM15.90

Spotted Mocha Ice Coconut from the Signature section. It is cooling, complex in flavours. Taste of coconut seems to dominate at the first sip, but bitterness of coffee comes through slowly with a touch of chocolaty and tartness. Great blended cold drink during a hot afternoon.

Photography: Summerkid

Twenty One Grams Cafe / XXI Grams Cafe / 21 Grams Cafe
(Below Strawberry Fields Hotel)
7, Jalan 52/16,
PJ Newtown,
46200 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: 603-7931 6407
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm (Tues – Sun), closed on Mondays