Boat Noodle @ Times Square KL : Boat Noodle New Menu 2015

Boat Noodle is a Thai street food originally hawked from small boats on the canels of central Thailand. It is commonly found in the country, easily available but not in Malaysia. When Original Boat Noodle first landed in Malaysia at Empire Damansara PJ, all made a beeline for a taste of this authentic boat noodle.

The queue was super crazy, and the waiting can be more than two hours. Not going to comment whether Original Boat Noodle worth all the long waits, but one thing we can assure is – Original Boat Noodle is definitely delicious.

Till date, Original Boat Noodle is still well-loved by Malaysian. Many patronize the restaurant for brunch, lunch, dinner or even for afternoon teatime. Feedback is overwhelmed and now, Original Boat Noodle has successfully opened nine outlets in Malaysia, located at Empire Damansara, The School Jaya One, Ikon Cheras, Berjaya Times Square, Publika Solaris Dutamas, Sutera Mall Johor Bahru, Gamuda Walk Kota Kemuning, Klang Parade and D’Pulze Cyberjaya.

However, having only boat noodles limit customers’ choices in Original Boat Noodle. They have strived to deliver a wider selections of flavours and after much research efforts, Boat Noodle is proud to introduce new additions to the family- a total of more than 9 offerings that are suitable for peopple of all ages regardless day and time!

Thai Popeye’s Tempura RM6.90
Begin with Thai Popeye’s Tempura, a light snack featuring fresh spinach deep fried to golden brown, resulting in airy crisp texture that is so addictive to keep you munching on none stop. Dip with their “Soot -Yot” dip, literally means simply awesome dip in English.

Chicken Wing RM4.90
Must-try! We always love Thai-style chicken wings. They appear thin and meatless but don’t judge them by their outer look. You will surely get hooked at the first bite. Trust us! They are very crunchy with lots of chews, extremely addictive. We had five servings of Boat Noodle Chicken Wings, almost want to “da pau” and continue munch them at home with a nice movie.

Yum Mama RM8.50
One of our favourite new menu in Boat Noodle. Very simple classic Thai instant noodles stir fried with chili, chicken sausage, crab stick and greenies. Spicy and sourish throughout, hence easily opens up the appetite. So good that our friends had two servings of Yum Mama.

Yum Woon Sen RM13.00
Spicy Thai glass noodles salad, a tastebud tickling appetizer encapsulated with sweet-spicy-tangy flavours, further enhanced with bounciness from prawns and crabstick.

Yum Meatball RM8.90

Kra-Pow Chicken Rice RM11.90
Our all time favourite Basil Leaves Rice with Minced Chicken. It goes really well with rice, thanks to the flavourful minced chicken, deeply infused with spiciness of chilli and minty licorice taste of Thai basil leaves.

Bangkok Omelet with “Sood Yut” RM11.90
A dish which can be treated as proper individual mains for lunch or dinner, having bowlful of white rice topped over with perfectly pan-fried omelette. It isn’t flavours-packed as the basil chicken rice, but more to just flufiness and aroma of egg to go with your rice. But that is the simplicity that makes it so good. Better with the “simply awesome Soot Yot” sauce.

Ka Num Tuay RM1 for 2
Great as dessert after meal, or have it with tea during teatime, or merely as a light snack at anytime. In Thai, Ka Num Tuay literally means “dessert in a bowl”, typical serving of sweet treat made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar. Moderately sweet and salty, creamy and custard-y in texture.

But of course, a visit to Boat Noodle is incomplete without ordering their signature boat noodle, which priced at only RM1.90 per bowl. Each bowl is about 3 spoonfuls, so one bowl is never enough. Just eat as many bowls as you can and stack up all bowls, take a picture. – The must-do in Original Boat Noodle.

Original Boat Noodle offers two types of soup base for their boat noodle, which is Pathumthani and Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya has intense flavour based on a creamy dark broth with no less than 10 herbs. It has a thicker consistnecy than Pahumthani, brownish in appearance.

Pathumthani on the order hand, is a dark soy sauce derived broth, sourish with delicate spiciness. Made with approximately 19 types of herbs, it is greatly loaded with spices goodness, contains generous usage of five spice powder, star anise and cinammon sticks.

Besides new food menu, Boat Noodle has expanded its beverage list too. Check out the creamy ice-blended green tea and refreshing ice-blended coconut. Boat Noodle promises that you will love them!

Photography: Summerkid

Boat Noodle Times Square KL
02-49-10 & 02-49-11,
2nd Floor,
Berjaya Times Square,
Jalan Imbi, Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Contact: +60 16-330 4762

How to reach Boat Noodle Times Square:
Boat Noodle Times Square location can be hidden. Go up to the second floor from the side of Papa Johns Pizza, walk into the newly built area right in front of the lift (Next to Red eye). Boat Noodle is located at the end corner beside Marutama Ramen.

*New item is available in Boat Noodle Times Square KL, but not all outlets. Do check with their outlet before visit to avoid disappointment.

Other Outlets:
1) Boat Noodle Publika
Block C5, Level G3, Lot 30a

2) Boat Noodle Empire Damansara
G03a, Heritage Lane

3) Boat Noodle The School, Jaya One
P2, Same floor as Cold Storage

4) Boat Noodle Ikon Cheras
G Floor

5) Boat Noodle Gamuda Walk, Setia Alam

6) Boat Noodle Klang Parade
5th Floor

7) Boat Noodle Sutera Mall, Johor Bahru
Johor Bahru L2-550C