La Cafe Memoire @ TTDI KL : Hidden Gem for Italian Cuisine

We do like venturing into cafes that serve decent coffee and delicious cakes. However, not all are good. We would be happy if coffee was better than our expectation, but if it wasn’t , we would turn to enjoy their ambience instead, since nearly all cafes nowadays exude a nice, cozy environment. We appreciate more when a cafe strives to be well-rounded in every aspect from coffee to food, desserts, interior, service; and La Cafe Memorie in Taman Tun Dr Ismail ( TTDI ) is one of them.

Quietly located above Legendary Reflexology (華陽保健中心), La Cafe Memoire TTDI started as a cafe focuses only on coffee, tea and dessert, as their tagline implies. As time goes by, the idea of serving main courses changes the cafe’s entire concept. By now, La Cafe Memoire is more of a restaurant serving Italian cuisine in cafe-like design, with homemade dessert, coffee, tea, cocktails to complement.

La Cafe Memoire does not compromise on their food quality, thanks to the experienced Chef Brian who has horned his culinary skill since 19 years old. He understands food well, and loves experiment with different types of ingredients to create brand new, innovative dishes to all  patrons in La Cafe.

Flipping through the hard-covered menu, we discovered a long list of selections such as egg benedict, omelette, french toast for breakfast; pasta, burgers, sandwiches, pork chop, duck confit, pizza for lunch and dinner. Desserts are noteworthy too, especially Nutty Bacon Sundae.

Smoked Duck Salad RM9.0

Salad here is reasonably priced within RM10, but generous in portion. Our Smoked Duck Salad calls for refreshing textures with mixed salad, cucumber, cherry, tomato, capper, lemon and yogurt sauce.

Creamy Bacon Pasta RM14

La Cafe Memoire makes fresh fettuccine daily, limited to only 20 portions per day. Get your pasta tossed in flavours such as aglio-olio, Japanese curry, creamy smoke salmon, chicken bolognese, or creamy bacon. Our recommendation will be Creamy Bacon Pasta and Japanese Curry Pasta.

Japanese Curry Pasta RM14.50(spaghetti), RM17.50 (Handmade fettuccine)

Suggest to go for fettuccine in case you couldn’t decide, as the fresh pasta contributes better chews, goes really well with their Japanese curry. Packed with flavours, mild in spiciness, thickly coated to every strand of fettuccine.

Deluxe Pork Burger RM18.50

There are 3 choices for La Cafe Memoire burger. Starts easy with Classic Burger which sandwiched homemade patty, salad, tomato within your choice of plain or charcoal burger. If you need more flavours but wish to keep your burger moderate, go for the Cheesy Burger with additional slice of cheese to the Classic Burger. Deluxe Burger will be the right choice for burger lovers with big hungry stomach, combining plentiful of ingredients within your buns- homemade patty, salad, tomato, sliced cheese, bacon, sunny side up.

Pork Chop RM25

Chef Brians uses Mongolian BBQ spices to marinate their meat, resulting in flavourful, pork-licious pork chop that has aroma of spices deeply infused till the bone. Served over a bed of creamy mashed sweet potato.

Mussels and Fries RM30

Surprise to encounter steamed mussels in white wine sauce at La Cafe Memoire, pretty up to standard and glad that there is no nasty odd taste of mussels which we had in certain restaurants. Served with fries.

Pork Bacon Pizza

One of our highly recommended dish for sharing. The pizza base is much better than we expect, doughy, chewy, topped with generous amount of smoky bacon, melted cheese and tongue-numbing chilli flakes imported from Thailand. Minimal amount of chilli is used, but the spiciness is so sharp, heighten up the pizza’s flavour.


Diners will not be disappointed with desserts in La Cafe Memoire, as one of the partners in this cafe is the master churning out mouth-watering cakes and pastisserie. Strawberry tart, tiramisu, mango coconut tart, ample of sweet treat to indulge in.

Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream

Nutty Bacon Sundae RM11

Kalamansi sorbet, vanilla ice cream, caramelized mixed nuts, caramel sauce and crispy bacon- an adventurous sweet and savoury combination that turns out good. Scoop the dessert from top to bottom, ensuring you have bit of everything to get the best taste. Sourness come through initially, followed by caramelized sweetness, chunky bites and saltiness of bacon. Must-try.

Cappuccino RM7.50

Coffee in La Cafe Memoire is roasted by Seraph Awaken, a home coffee roaster in Klang; putting together Columbia and Tanzania coffee beans for their houseblend. Espresso-based coffee such as latte, cappuccino, long black are all reasonably priced below RM10.

Caffe Alexzender RM13

Do not leave the cafe without trying their Caffe Alexender, an alcohol-infused coffee drink specially crafted by La Cafe Memoire. Served cold, sip slowly to enjoy the the bitter sweet flavours concocted from double espresso, cacao brown and hazelnut syrup.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

La Cafe Memoire TTDI
7a, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours :
11AM – 11PM (Tue-Thu), 11AM – 12AM (Fri)
9AM – 12AM (Sat), 9AM – 11PM (Sun), Closed on Mondays
Contact : 03-7731 7574