Fifth Palate @ Encorp Strand Garden Office, Kota Damansara

Fifth Palate at Encorp Strand Garden Office Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya appears to be surprisingly successful since its opening in mid of August, despite its location which is rather hidden, difficult to locate. It is a non-halal eatery, hence meat lovers will get to enjoy porkilicious breakfast & brunch selections like Butcher’s Breakfast (RM29) that put together pork bacon, pork sausages; Turkish Baked Eggs (RM19) deeply flavoured with chorizo; or Fifth Palate’s Everybody Loves Ramen (RM21) dressed with tempting slow-braised pork belly on Fifth Palate menu.

The cafe is situated behind a nasi kandar restaurant with striking yellow sign board. If you parked in front of the office building facing the main road, then just walk pass the nasi kandar shop, look up and you should see the sign board of “Fifth Palate” right above you. Put on some energy, climb two levels of staircases to reach.

To be truth, we have no intention to visit Fifth Palate initially but when Summergirl, the all-time-yogurt lover saw many sharing pictures on their homemade yogurt, she begin to get intrigued with it especially the Wheatgrass Yougurt. Clearly, it is much more interesting than her Berries Oatmeal Yogurt or Honey Yogurt that are mix & match using store-bought plain yogurt. Of course, not as healthy and fresh compare to the batch of homemade yogurt in Fifth Palate too.

For interior, it is rather standard for restaurant decor, pleasing in whole. Sleek and modern design with white bricks wall stacking up to the high ceiling, shade lamps hanging from above. Large glass windows laced with dark colour steel side frames, grey colour floor tiles with wooden furnishing lining up, benches along the wall, adorned with bold colour pillows.

Wheatgrass Yogurt RM5
Fifth Palate offers four types of homemade yogurts during our visit – Original in Pure Whitish, Mango in Baby Yellow, Soursop in Pale White and Wheatgrass in Baby Green, all filled in adorable glass jar. Tried out Wheatgrass Yogurt which is remarkably unique. A bit vegetal, thick and creamy, mildly sweet. Summergirl said that she will stick to the Plain version next time but Summerkid, who stays away from “healthy food” as much as he could, love it so much. @.@. So, like it or not, it is very personal.

Sous Vide Sake Chicken RM25
We had only Sous Vide Sake Chicken from the savoury menu. Pan seared whole chicken leg dressed with bouillon sake sauce. Served with mashed potato and vinegar infused mixed salad. Would have order the crowd-favourite Drunken Frenchman- French Toast heaped with caramelized banana, bacon, peanut butter made in house and Guinness Stout reduction, topped with a scoop of Forty Licks Vanilla Ice Cream, if we had bigger appetite that day.

Cappuccino  RM11
Coffee are priced within RM11, extra RM1 for mocha. Fifth Palate uses Caffee Grande, a medium roasted blend from Coffex. Velvety smooth milk, well-rounded with chocolaty notes. Get them in espresso, or with milk.

Babycino RM6

In short, Fifth Palate strives to be another promising cafe in Kota Damansara for wholesome meal. Some say prices are expensive, but to us, still within acceptable range. Just, better if food portion could be larger. Service is great, attentive with lots of smiles. Staffs are helpful, and allow us to pack home our unfinished yogurt. (*Clap hands). Environment wise, it can be busy and noisy during weekends. Full house with short queue starts at about 11AM.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summerkid

Fifth Palate Cafe
Block D-G-1,
Encorp Strand Garden Office,
Jalan PJU5/1,
Encorp Strand Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Contact: 03-6144 0055