OpenSnap: Photo Dining Guide Mobile App for Everyone !

Eat to live. Or live to eat. Can’t really tell, as both fares equally important to us. We love going around the town looking for good food but sometimes, we do lost idea on what to eat, where to eat, or where to have certain good food when we have the sudden crave for it, let’s say : midnight dim sum.

Violaa. Now, with OpenSnap, all these problems solved! OpenSnap is a mobile app launched by OpenRice, enabling users to browse for a wide collections of restaurants, food options, cafes nearby, editor’s pick, etc.. You can also upload photos and review dining places you have visited, bookmark your favourite restaurants and get special offers from participated restaurants!

We’ve been using OpenSnap for quite some time as food guide, and love the easy-to-use interface. Once logged in, the app brought us to Homepage with “Browse”, “Following” and “Everyone” tab. The “Browse” tab is very informative. As we scroll down the page, we can discover newly opened eating places, restaurants at particular places, and choice of cuisines like Malaysian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Western, or food selections like burgers, seafood, noodles, desserts, vegetarian.

For example, when we click into “dessert”,  there are tons of dessert places pinned with pictures and honest reviews by OpenSnap users. We got interested with “Franco Petite” so we click in and from there, we obtain basic information of the cafe. Click “Bookmark” if you wanted to keep for future record, so that you don’t forget them.

All these bookmarked places will be saved into your “bookmark” folder, which you can check out again next time. Users can even share the place to other social media platforms using the “share” icon on the top right of OpenSnap. There you go, now we have a list of food places to visit. Besides restaurants, you can also bookmark editor’s pic, offers and photos you like.

Speaking about location, OpenSnap offers editable “location” according to your liking. Click on ” EDIT” at the homepage “Browse-> Location” tab and start tick/untick to personalize your locations. For instance, we hang out around Sri Hartamas, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur City Center and TTDI more often, so we put them as our top list for easier browsing next time.

One of the most useful features we come across in OpenSnap is their “Map” function.  Many restaurants and cafes location are plugged onto the map. You can search for dining places nearby to you, and even click to the location to direct you to the right place with the help of navigation apps.

When we are out from Klang Valley, we use OpenSnap too to look for delicious food in different states, as well as in countries like Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and India.

There are so many great things to discover and you will never get bored with OpenSnap, because reviews are updated by users from time to time. We have so much fun viewing latest photos feed in major cities across the country, uploaded by OpenSnap users and friends.

Of course, we uploads photos for sharing too. Add your photo, edit them, add cute stickers if you love to. Best thing is you get to review them in short and simple way by adding price range, taste ratings, hashtags, food selections before proceed to posting. Done! Tag and share with all. Everyone can be the restaurant’s food ambassador now with OpenSnap!

Download your OpenSnap today at GooglePlay for Androids users and at AppStore for Apple users. More information on