Shinjiro Japanese Izakaya Yakitori @ Tropicana City Mall, PJ

Shinjiro Japanese Izakaya Yakitori,  the sister restaurant of the reknown Torii Japanese Yakitori Gastro-Bar makes way into Tropicana City Mall with Japanese modern casual dining concept, putting together Japanese yakitori, salad, rice bowl, pasta and small plates with Western fusion touch at affordable price.

Environment is cheerful with Japanese-inspired motifs in symmetrical form from floorings up to the walls till ceiling, wall decorative pieces, wooden furnishing, custom-built seating, round up with huge ceiling lamps in similar shades that add elegance to the entire design.

Shrimp Bisque RM13.90

Food selections are sum up in a mini booklet-like menu, complete with food pictures of highlighted items for easy view. Begin with Shrimp Bisque (RM13.90) cooked to creamy and thick in consistency, richly blended with shrimp umami sweetness.

Bincho Rice + Seaweed + Tofu RM12.90

Bincho Rice + Seaweed + Tofu may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Summergirl loved it. Grilled Japanese Rice Ball immersed in a bed of mildly flavoured soup, turning it to be less crisp at the outer edge, plump with moisture of of the broth within. Topped with seaweed and chunk of tofu.

Mixed Seaweed + Baby Shrimp Salad RM15.90

Mixed Tempura RM18.90

Cheesy Gyoza + Mix Berry Compote RM16.90

Cheesy Gyoza + Mix Berry Compote, an interesting switch from the traditional meat-stuffed gyoza by driving in innovative sweet and savoury concoction. Thick, chewy dumpling skin wrap in gooey cheesiness, balanced up with fruity tang from mix berry compote.

Sirloin RM8.90/stick

With one of the best-Japanese-Yakitori-in-tow- sister-restaurant which is experienced in the know-how of Japanese skewers, Yakitori in Shinjiro will not disappoint. 12 types of poultry, 9 types of seafood, 7 types of meat and 7 types of vegetables, each stick of the grilled meat is reasonably priced within RM10 ( *except for seafood fillet mackerel (RM12.90) and hole Pacific saury (RM14.90).)

Breast Fillet RM5.90/stick

In the poultry section, start with Thigh+Leeks, Thigh Teriyaki, Breast Fillet, Chicken Wings, Chicken Skin, Chicken Nugget, Duck Breast. Order Chicken liver, gizzard, heart and quail egg if you like to.

Okra RM5.90/stick

Grilled Mushroom RM5.90/stick

For vegetables, mushroom, sweet potato, sweet corn, leek, tomato, okra and tofu are on list.

Chicken Wings RM6.90/stick

Squid Tentacles RM7.90/stick

Continue with salmon, fillet mackerel, whole pacific saury, tuna, shrimp, scallop, squid, squid tentacles and pregnant fish. Of all, we still love grilled chicken wing the most for its crisp exterior rubbed with savoury sauce. Addictive, great with beer.

Salmon RM8.90/stick

All skewers in Shinjiro come with chef recommended sauces. Six types to try out, namely Sweet & Sour, Chilli, Garlic Chilli, Salsa, Teriyaki, Sesame Pistachio and Shio. Get any of them to brush over your yakitori during griling, definitely will heighten up the entire flavours of your meat.

Fillet + Asparagus RM6.90/stick

Make your Yakitori experience in Shinjiro to a more filling meal by ordering Skewer Set, which are complete with warm rice and miso soup. E.g., for RM32.90, you will be served with Thigh + Leeks Breast Fillet + Pregnant Fish + Quail Egg + Okra, warm rice/pasta and miso soup.

Shinjiro Fried Rice RM16.90

Apart from Yakitori , Shinjiro offers also individual rice bowl ideal for diners looking for quick meal. Choose among Shinjiro Fried Rice (RM16.90), Salmon Sashimi + Ebiko Rice (RM28.90), Unagi Rice (RM28.90), Beef Gyudon Rice (RM28.90), Fried Chicken Rice (RM25.90), Tofu + Seasonal Vegetable Rice (RM22.90). Shinjiro Fried Rice is highly recommended, a wholesome dish that combine rice, capsicum, scallion, garlic, baby shrimp, capsicum, scallion; garnished with crispy lotus topped and runny soft poached egg.

Salmon Sashimi + Ebiko Rice Bowl RM28.90

One of our favourite on that dinner night. Lovely chunks of raw salmon and ebiko placed over a bed of rice, accompanied with creamy wasabi avocado sauce. Blend all ingredients together before tucking in. We love the fresh sweetness of salmon with rice, so wonderful, just can’t hide.

Shinjiro Burger RM18.90

Pasta with Seared Salmon RM27.90

We do trace Steaming Hot Udon and Chilled Soba on Shinjiro noodles menu but we decided to go for the pasta tossed in mushroom sauce, which seemed more interesting, akin to our local gon lou meen. Topped the noodles with Crispy Chicken/Beef (RM26.90), Pan Seared Salmon (RM27.90), Teriyaki Chicken /Beef (RM27.90).

Pasta with Teriyaki Beef RM27.90

Green Tea Tiramisu RM13.90

End the meal with something sweet. Green Tea Tiramisu calls for a cross between Japanese and Italian, a good attempt but texture wise, better if it could be smoother, creamier.

Nutty Chocolate Finger RM13.90

In contrary to Green Tea Tiramisu, Nutty Choclate Finger is rich, thickly wrapped with sticky sweetness, chocolaty that draw a good marriage with the nutty biscuit layer below. Kids will love this dessert. Greater if it came along with a scoop of ice-cream.

One more good news! Enjoy special price for the Ice Cold Beer above during the Happy Hour which start from 4.30pm – 7.30pm.

Photography: Summerkid

Shinjiro Japanese Izakaya Yakitori
(*Beside Papa John Pizza)
Lot G-06, Ground Floor,
Tropicana City Mall,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Business Hours: 11AM – 10PM
Contact: 03- 7732 2986