Disney Christmas Decorations 2015 @ Harbour City, Hong Kong

Christmas decorations at Grand Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong has becoming one of the must-visit destinations for both locals and tourists, every year when Christmas falls around the corner.

Amazing Christmas theme completed with lighting, turning the whole outdoor area of Ocean Terminal Forecourt into a lively, memorable scene for photography. We’ve been hearing a lot about Harbour City Christmas too, browsing through many bloggers’ reviews about how pretty it is but never have the chance to visit Hong Kong during Christmas month.

Finally, this year, thanks to a special hotel site visit, we managed to spare some time taking ferry from Central (Chung Wan) Hong Kong Island to Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, and walked through Harbour City Christmas lane which themed “Happily Ever After”, presented by Disney, in conjunction with 10th year anniversary of Hong Kong Disneyland.

For tourist, if this is your first time travelling to Hong Kong, and you stay in Central Hong Kong island, it is suggested to visit the Christmas decorations by taking Star Ferry at Central Ferry Piers (天星小輪中環碼頭) instead of MTR. The reason is because the pier is nearer to Harbour City, it saves your walking time of more than 10 minutes from Tsim Sha Tsui MRT. Travel fare is cheap too, compared MRT. It costs you only HkD2.50, few times cheaper than using MRT! You can use Octopus Card for touch n’ go, or buy tickets at ticket counter.

Once you got down from the ferry, Harbour City outdoor opened area will be in front of you. Get ready with cameras and framed down the 5 must-see in Harbour City 2015 Christmas decor:

  • Of course is the giant gold colour Christmas tree beautifully stood in front of the pier! Walk through the entrance below the golden Christmas tree and live “Happily Ever After”. LOL.

  • Walk along the magical Disney lane, surrounded with familiar Disney characters from movies and books like Frozen, Inside Out, Beauty & The Beast, Cinderella on both sides. Feels like being back to childhood again.

  • Disney Tsum Tsum to present you the best gifts for this merry holidays. Take photos with these adorable mini plush toys collections. Hi Mickey, Hi Winnie the Pooh, Hi Piggy, Hi Tigger..

    • As you reach the end of the walkway, before the staircases into the shopping mall, remember to look up! There’s a huge outline of Mickey Mouse head on the ceiling, all light up, adorning with sparkling stars of different shapes. We love this the most!

  • Mickey Mouse head outline on the lamp post. We found this finish an elegant way of representing Disney, for this iconic cartoon character, is no doubt the most important character in Disney. The starting, evolving to the well-known stage of Disney today, is incomplete without Mickey Mouse, and certainly, all other characters in this media & entertainment brand.

Apologize that we didn’t have more time to visit Christmas decorations in other shopping malls in Hong Kong this year, but we’ll cover them all in future if we had the chance! Merry Christmas to all! Hope you are cherished with joys in this coming December 2015.