Hana Dining + Sake Bar New Menu @ Sunway Pyramid

Our first visit to Hana Dining + Sake Bar at Sunway Pyramid was memorable. Food was great and reasonably priced, we especially like their Fried Burdock with Salad in Honey Mustard Sauce, Cold Udon with Seafood & Sesame and Seaweed Boletus Pasta. So excited when we found out from Hana Facebook that the restaurant has launched Autumn New Menu in September to greet one of the most beautiful seasons in the year, hence we braced the heavy traffic one evening from KL to Sunway Pyramid, for a dinner at Hana Dining Sake Bar.

Shake Kawa Salada / Crispy Salmon skin salad RM25

Salad is a must here, as the combinations come to be more interesting compared to some other Japanese restaurants. While we love the Fried Burdock with Salad in Honey Mustard Sauce Crispy we had last time, the new try, Salmon Skin Salad is equally great for the contrasting texture of crispy salmon skin and meat of salmon shredded into small bites, along with fresh greens and fish roe.

Engawa Temaki RM 15 per piece

Tsuke Shiro Maguro / Chef Olic Tuna Marinade RM25

Not an often course for us to tuck into thick cut, marinated maguro that blends in pleasing buttery saltiness. Some customers comment that it tasted like Char Siew. Hmm, to us, not really. But if for mock meat char siew, probably, yes. Both do calls for some similarity.

Kaki no Ponzu Ae / Fresh Oyster with Ponzu Sauce RM35/2pcs,

Kaki no Yaki Mono Tamanegi Vinegar Sauce / Fresh Oyster with Vinegar Sauce RM35/pcs

Kaki no Motoyaki / Oven Baked Fresh Oyster with Special Japanese Creamy Sauce RM35/2pcs

Drizzles of Tobasco? Squeeze of lemon juices? Too mainstream for an oyster. Hana Dining Sake Bar put a new twist on their huge, fresh oyster by adding vinegar sauce and ponzu sauce, at the right amount, to enhance the umami-ness. In case you are more into cooked version, try the Oven Baked Fresh Oyster with Special Japanese Sauce. Creamy, melt in mouth. Two are not enough and we had extra helping of these.

Hawaiian Shake Harasumaki RM33

We’re not maki roll lovers, especially those stuffed with lots of rice but Hana Hawaiian Shake Harasumaki is an exceptional, because it is “rice-less”. The roll replaces Japanese rice with thick salmon belly, wrapping tempura prawns, flying fish roe, cucumber and avocado within seaweed sheets. Highly recommended.

Yaki Hitsuji to Ponzu / Grilled English Cut Lamb with Ponzu Soy Sauce RM38

Lamb cutlet and mint sauce are long-known matching ingredients, complementing each other well most of the time. The dish turns better when the meat is well-executed, nicely grilled into beautiful pinkish colour, lean, pale in gaminess, laced with mint ponzu sauce for a touch of citrusy.

Tosa Agedashi Tofu / Deep Fried Japanese Style Tofu Wrapped with Bonito Flake RM7

Ishikari Nabe – Shake no Harami no Mino Sitate Nabe/ Salmon Belly Pot in Miso Stock RM38
Nabe hot pot, perfect on a rainy day. Generous amount of salmon belly, tofu, cabbage, carrot, mushrooms, etc., immersed in a bed of pipping hot miso soup.

Deep Fried Pumpkin Tofu RM8
Deep Fried Pumpkin Tofu, you can literally translate it as a dish that has pumpkin and tofu as the main ingredients. Not too wrong but Hana Dining Sake Bar kitchen team actually put far more effort than we thought of in preparing this dish. Filling is creamy smooth, dense and sticky, added with shrimp and ginko for more natural sweetness; then deep fried to golden brown for a layer of crispiness. Meant to be savoured slowly, like ice cream, so that you can enjoy the well-rounded flavours slowly develop in the palate. Really yummy. Summergirl favourite.

Abegawa no Mochi / Japanese Style Mochi RM7

End the meal with Japanese Style Mochi, a warm dessert akin to our Chinese Tang Yuan dotted with ground peanuts and sugar mixture. Not a very fancy sweet treat but if you love glutinous rice ball chewy soft texture, we believe you will like this too.

Among the items we tried on Hana Dining + Sake Bar Autumn New Menu 2015, Salmon Belly Maki Roll, Deep Fried Pumpkin Tofu and Engawa Temaki are our top favourite. Again, the second visit doesn’t disappoint. Still a strongly recommended restaurant for lunch or dinner in Sunway Pyramid.

Photography: Summerkid

Hana Dining + Sake Bar 花酒藏
Sunway Pyramid Mall,
OB2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard,
Ground Floor, No.3,
Jalan PJS 11/15 (Above RedBox)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact:03-5624 0888