Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid: Theme Cafe for Hello Kitty Fans! [CLOSED DOWN]

Update as of July 2017: Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe is now closed down.

Hello Kitty Cafe Sunway Pyramid Macarons and Cupcakes with Marshmallows

“Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe is opening in Sunway Pyramid!” When our friends told us this famous Sanrio fictional character will be venturing into one of the favourite shopping malls in Klang Valley, we can already foresee the huge crowd, long queue on its first day of opening, like what happened to Mid Valley Magnum Cafe and Tim Ho Wan Michelin Start Hong Kong Dim Sum.

The prediction wasn’t too wrong though. On 26th September 2015, queue started early morning before the cafe opened. Then, for the rest of the week, some told us they waited for 2 hours, some said 4 hours before getting into the cafe. OMG~ crazy crowd. Honestly, we are not a big fan of this adorable Hello Kitty, haha. So you won’t see us in the line on their first day. Despite so, we do have the eagerness to get a glimpse of this legendary theme cafe, as well as the food serves here.

We delayed our visit, entering the cafe one month after their opening, for a fine weekday dinner. Glad that it wasn’t full house at about 7PM. We could still choose to sit downstairs (only beverage and dessert) or upstairs ( beverage and lunch/dinner). A quick tour around the dining area, we realized Sunway Pyramid Hello Kitty Cafe calls for some difference with Hello Kitty Cafe we have visited in Seoul and Taiwan.

Instead of being girl-like and baby pink everywhere, Hello Kitty Cafe Sunway picks a balance between classy vintage and colourful charm, completed with Hello Kitty iconic ribbons, paintings, and figures at all corners. This make the cafe lives up to its theme, at the suitable for diners of all ages, males and females. Not too girlish. So guys, don’t feel awkward sitting inside.

Wooden floorings, patterned floor tiles, European style architecture, rainbow colours cushioned sofas, Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe can easily well-loved by many. What we love the most is the Hello Kitty wall mural near the entrance, drawn from coffee stain. Impressive.

Besides normal dining area, Hello Kitty Cafe also offers private room for special events, birthday party, baby shower, etc.. You may call them for booking or further enquiries if you are interested.

Strawberry Milkshake RM17.90, Butterscotch Milkshake RM19.10

Speaking about food in a theme cafe, most people will think of coffee topped with cocoa powder that has outlined of the character, cake with a piece of chocolate printed with the cartoon’s pattern, etc.. Hello Kitty Cafe Sunway Pyramid does have the same too, mostly in drinks and desserts. But what makes the cafe noteworthy is, apart from sweet treat, they have a full-fledge menu for lunch & dinner, in affordable price.

Aubergines De Chocolat RM20.30

From appetizer, salads, soups to pasta, steak, fish fillet, risotto, sandwich, and all-day-breakfast. Pick your favourite. We began with Aubergines De Chocolat, one of the best seller in Hello Kitty Cafe Sunway. Lightly fried sliced eggplants, dressed with toasted walnuts, mint leaves, and dressed with chocolate sauce. A chocolaty sweet and savoury combination specially designed by chef!

Smoked Salmon in Summer Gargen RM23.90

Hello Kitty ribbon turns colourful into this ribbon-shape Summer Garden Salad! All ingredients are chopped into small, putting together myriad of textures from raisin, fruits salsa, berries, flowers, further flavoured up with smoked salmon.

Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pasta RM28.70/pax, RM37.10/2 pax

6 choices of pasta flavours – Classic Beef Bolognese Pasta, Smoked Salmon Carbonara Pasta, Parisian Summer Healthy Pasta, Lamb Ragout Pasta, Seafood Aglio Olio Pasta and Chicken & Wild Mushroom Pasta. We opted the one mentioned last, and glad that it tasted good, one of our favourite mains that night. No wonder Hello Kitty recommended this. Haha. (Check for dishes with mini Hello Kitty face beside, symbolizes must-have, very nice).

Stuffed Chicken RM34.70

Best dish we had for our dinner in Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe Sunway Pyramid. Pistachios, raisins, fresh herbs stuffed within chicken leg, roasted to golden brown. Very flavouful, with a twist of fruity tang from berry balsamic coulis. Good pairing.

Striploin Steak RM46.90

Wonderland Waffles RM19.10

A trip to Hello Kitty Cafe is not complete without a plate of dessert in Hello Kitty outline. Tried Wonderland Waffles. You will automatically grab your phone, open your camera function and start snapping pictures with it once arrived. Ya, we did the same too but suggest to do it fast, as waffles are meant to be eaten hot, so that you can enjoy the crispy outside, fluffy soft inside texture before it goes soggy.

Yay, more desserts and cakes. Keep it coming! Strawberry Cheese Cake, Passionfruit Tart, Chocolate Berry, American Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu Cupcake, Chocolate Layer Cake, Lychee Rose Cupcake, Lemon Mille Crepe, Chocolate Brownie, which is your favourite?

We personally like the Chocolate Brownie. Surprisingly rich, thick and chocolaty. Remember to share, as the portion is quite filling.

Tiramisu was alright, as we prefer the classic, creamy version of Italian tiramisu more.

For macarons, we tried out two but both had different textures and not up to our likings. One was sticky soft while the order is biscuit-like crunchy.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe
Lot OB 3.F.6, Oasis Boulevard, (Same row with Ole-ole Bali, near Sephora)
Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid,
Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.
Website: http://hellokittygourmet.com.my/