Cream The Roast Things Cafe @ Dataran Prima PJ

Walked into Cream by The Roast Things Coffee Roasters at Prima Avenue, PJ and felt please with the calmness showered upon in a minimalist, light-filled atmosphere. Had a seat by the window, embraced the afternoon with a cup of exquisitely prepared filter coffee, and homemade matcha chocolate cheesecake.

Same like others, we are just another pair of normal customers in Cream but sincerity shown by the cafe ‘s staff adds marks to their service. Summergirl was having mild cough that Saturday and she was so touched with the kind gesture of one of the staffs, bringing a glass of warm water to our place. Grateful.

In case you are not aware, Cream is run by an enthusiastic team with strong background on coffee, that said – The Roast Things. This Kuala Lumpur-based coffee roaster has been specializing in roasting specialty coffee all this while, and the opening of Cream Cafe marks a new milestones to them, at the same time getting coffee lovers out there to cheers with joy.

White RM10

Beverage menu in Cream is straightforward, with either black or white for espresso based coffee, plus mocha to complete. Cold Brew is available in black or white too, namely without milk or with milk. For those who are not into coffee, enjoy Citrus or Berries fruits infused sparkling water specially prepared by the cafe.

Costa Riace Chirripo Finca Jose (washed method) Filter Coffee RM18

Had a try on Costa Riace Chirripo Finca Jose Filter Coffee that delivers citrusy note, sugar cane sweetness. Cream offers filter coffee in both hot and cold for each order, so that patrons can experience characters of the coffee in different temperature.

Other filter coffee options include Tanzania Kanji Lalji Peaberry, Ethiopia Agaro Duromina, Kenya Kirinyaga Kiangoi, Honduras Maria Nery and Guatemala Valle Decantinil. Specialty Tea are on the beverage list too, covering Wuyi Shan, Dehong Ye Sheng, Wu Liang Shan, and Yunnan Jasmine. We do not have a deep knowledge on Specialty Tea but quite interested to taste out 無量山 the next time. Haha, ‘coz the name seems so powerful.

Pair your tea or coffee with simple sandwiches, cakes and muffins. Weekend couldn’t be better chilling in such a lovely cafe.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Cream The Roast Things Cafe
A-G-01, Prima Avenue, The Tube,
Jalan PJU1/39, Dataran Prima,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Contact no: 03 – 5879 8392
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri (9:00am – 6:00pm)
Sat (10:00am – 6:00pm)