OpenRice Mobile App: Food Trend, Travel, Offers, Meal Invitation All-In-One-App!

OpenRice is no stranger to many, prides itself as one of the best platforms for comprehensive dining guide across various major cities including Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia.

The portal turns handy with OpenRice mobile app, which can be downloaded FREE from App Store for iOS users and Google Playstore for Android users. With this application on your mobile phone, food articles, food reviews, food recipes, restaurant listings, eateries nearby and more, are just few clicks away.

The latest version of OpenRice App is now more powerful, with refined search of newest restaurant in town, travel food guide, meal invitation function apart from reviews and restaurants info. Food, travel, news, meals gathering are all- in-one- app! Easy, user friendly, informative, time saving.

OpenRice app Homepage summarizes some of the best for their users. You can start with putting keywords in SEARCH tab if you have particular restaurants, cuisine or food to look for. Click Advanced to have more focused search, including cuisine, price range, preference of whether opened for 24hours / with air-conditioned / reservation available and not to forget, COUPON to save money.


Click on Nearby, Buffet, Steamboat, Cafe, Desserts, Noodles, Offers and Latest Reviews icons will lead you to a list of relevant restaurants information, just browse through and look if there is any of them interest you. Besides, form your favourite collections of “food district” and “cuisine” at the main page.

Apart from searching your favourite restaurants, track down some of the best eateries through OpenRice App Editor Picks – New Restaurant, What’s Hot, Restaurant Chart. Now, we no longer get left behind when come to discussion on new restaurants in town, as we have OpenRice app to sum up the latest information on some of the must-visit, must-go!

Also, do not limit your search of restaurants just within your staying area. OpenRice allows you to have food searching beyond that. Useful especially when you are travelling to other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangkok. Singapore, Indonesia and Japan list are coming soon too!

“Featured Coupon” is the section we love the most, as we can receive discounts from some of the participated restaurants, such as Delicious Restaurants BUY 1 FREE 1 pasta promotions, Franco free coffee/tea, KIRIN Draft Beer BUY 1 Free 1 promotions from ROCKU Yakiniku (Bandar Utama) and more currently for Malaysia. Log on to OpenRice mobile app more often so that you don’t miss any deals!

Meal gathering is made easy with “Invite” button in OpenRice app. When after confirming on the restaurant to visit, users create their own event and send out invitation directly through different social media channels. Each invitation is complete with date, time and event title, plus restaurant information. Clicking on the link can direct you to OpenRice page for reviews reading of the restaurant too.

From 1st April to 12th April, download OpenRice latest mobile App and stay tuned to OpenRice Facebook Malaysia for daily task & mission, and stand a chance to win fantastic prizes worth more than RM13,000 in total! Food Hunt & Win A Prize Everyday! *T&C applies*

So, what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of Openrice App today to try out all their NEW Features!