Li @ Damansara Jaya PJ: Pork Toast and Ikan Bilis Congee

Li Damansara Jaya, probably our best new found, highly recommended cafe in mid of April this year.

The amount of cafes in Klang Valley continue to bloom, putting highlights on great coffee, delicious big breakfast, decent pastas, awesome dessert and sometimes, colourful and gimmicky dishes that attract crowds, but don’t taste as good as its look. These eateries definitely worth a visit, but there are times we will ask, what else better, more innovative food we can have from a restaurant?

And so we’ve got few from Li Cafe Damansara Jaya – Pork Toast and Ikan Bilis Congee. We are yet to trace down their Facebook but from positive Instagrams comments and reviews from few blogs, we decided to check out this legendary, not-your-usual-pork-toast.

At first we thought Li restaurant is located at the same row with Chuup Damansara Jaya, only to know later that it is along a quiet street that we pass by everytime going into the parking of Atria Shopping Mall. Like a back alley but actually not. Hidden gem to discover.

Clean and minimalism looking in whole, dark wooden kopitiam furnishing with wall half painted in white while the other half with tiles of same colour. This neighbourhood cafe that put a cross between local charm and modern design.

Food served in Li Cafe is more exquisite than the description menu. Be it a ala-carte Romaine Lettuce Salad, Ikan Bilis Congee, House Rice Bowl, Pasta with Slow Cooked Pork, Roasted Boneless Chicken Thigh, Pork Belly or Li off menu chef’s special like mushroom pasta (so anticipated to try in the next visit), everything seems to be more interesting that we thought of.

Pork Toast RM9.50

This is super awesome. Order or regret! Handcrafted sourdough bread generously topped with minced pork, deep fried and garnished with sesame seed, drizzles of homemade chili mayo and cilantro. Crispy, flavourful with hints of creamy spiciness, like a refined-version of old school roti babi. A bit similar to Summergirl favourite Yau Char Kwai filled with minced pork she had back in Teluk Intan too. LOL.

Ikan Bilis Congee RM9.90

An bowl of comfort food full of knowledge. Not your usual Cantonese style porridge, but thicker than Teochew congee. Or to say, a proud version of congee specially concocted by Li Cafe. Unique, not available else where in KL yet we guess.

Pipping hot congee as the base, what’s matter is the topping –  sprinkles of crispy, freshly deep fried anchovies + swirls of fish sauce caramel + scallion puree (yeap, you read it right, green onions puree with secret ingredients in it) + soft boiled egg + dehydrated Kai lan (the bomb! First time having dehydrated Kailan, like seaweed! It is dehydrated in house!).  Hearty bowl at only RM9.90, very reasonable in price. For such toppings, we believe it can easily go beyond RM15 in a more well-establish cafe.

House Rice Bowl RM16.90

Thanks LI for having rice bowl. Else the rice person Summerkid will have nothing to eat for lunch hahahaha. Chicken thigh, beautifully done soft boiled egg, ginger scallion sauce, chili mayo and cucumber – Summerkid’s favourite all in one bowl, except those vegetables hmm.

Chicken thigh is stamped with approval by Summerkid, asking me how can they do it so right. Thick cut, not too soft, with more chews but still juicy. Summergirl said: nice ‘coz chef cook with tender loving care. LOL.

Cappuccino RM11

For beverage, LI offers homemade refreshments like fresh squeezed lemonade, lemongrass, preserved kumquats, SereniTEA Infusion, espresso-based coffee and soft drink. Coffee can be a little bitter to us, but goes well with the sweet – lychee, coconut milk, meringue and lime granita dessert.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Li Restaurant Damansara Jaya (Beside Atria Shopping Mall, behind Chuup)
47, Jalan SS22/23,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.