Bali & Spice by Ole-Ole Bali @ Da Men Subang USJ

Bali & Spice Restaurant by Ole-Ole Bali in Da Men USJ Subang offers distinctive Balinese flavours in a modern contemporary space.

Tempt your palate with a myriad of dining selections at Da Men USJ,the latest shopping mall in Subang Jaya. The mall proudly caters wide range of food & beverage, beauty & fashion, travel, IT & technology, leisure, Asian gourmet village and entertainment retail shops, all in its 6-storey building.

This April, F&B list of Da Men Mall gets more noteworthy with the opening of Bali & Spice, a restaurant run by the team behind reputable Ole-Ole Bali Sunway Pyramid. While inherits the good flavours that Ole-Ole Bali always prides at, Bali & Spice menu also put together newly crafted items to further delight diners tastebud.

Dining area is set in a space that embodies a touch of nature beauty within modern, contemporary design – Seats surrounded by “green oasis”, wooden furnishing with dark colour steel frames to create more dimensions, huge portraits mounted on walls, shine by warmth yellow lighting. Laid-back atmosphere great for friends hang out as well as family gathering.

Lemongrass Mojito RM13

Bali & Spice has no compromise for both food and drinks. Balinese style dishes undoubtedly take the limelight, but drinks are not shadowed too. From Jackfruit Mojito to Calamansi Margarita, Tojito, Chili & Mango, Green Apple Splash, Lemongrass Mojito, Roseship & Salad Plum, Cucumber & Passion Fruit Mojito, Roasted Coffee with Gula Merah & Fresh Milk, Espresso shot with Cinammon, Blended Avocado with Espresso and more, each beverage is specially crafted, serves more than just a drink to quench the thirst.

Gula Merah RM15

Had a try on Gula Merah, a glass of espresso-based cold beverage concocted from roasted coffee, palm sugar and fresh milk. Balanced sweetness and bitterness, with body of milk filling up the glass. Friendly to the palate, caramel-like taste of palm sugar enhancing the overall flavours.

Bali Trio RM49

Sayup Panggang, Sate Lilit and Cumi-cumi Goreng all in one platter, great for sharing among drinkers and as Bali & Spice best seller. Comes with Sambal Matah, Sambal Terasi and Coriander Mayo. The Sambal Matah is the bomb – Medium spicy, packed with flavours, wonderful dipping sauce for Sayup Panggang.

“Can’t skip rice for lunch and dinner” diners are suggested to go for  Nasi Campur under Balinese Signature section. Portion is hearty, combining Balinese Grilled Lemongrass Prawns, Squid, Fish, choice of Beef of Chicken Rendang Sate Lilit, served with Lawar Kacang ( Bean Salad), Rempeyek ( Anchovy Crackers), Sambel Terasi, Sambal Matah. Other ala-carte choices with rice include Iga Mepanggang, Siap Mepanggang, Kambing Bumbu, and Siap Bumbu.

Balinese Fried Squid Salad RM21

Highly recommended by staffs in Bali & Spice. The mountain of deep fried to golden brown squid caught our attention once it arrived at our table, so generous that we could hardly see the salad hidden beneath. We started by eating only the squid, but found out later that we should toss them well before eat. It tasted much more better when we have all ingredients in one mouthful, experiencing the crispiness, chewiness, sourness, juiciness contributed by each of them.

Sampi Bumbu Bakar RM57

Enjoy grilled meat and grilled seafood from Bali Bakar Selection – Ikan Salmon Bakar, Jimbaran Grill (grilled fish fillet, prawns and squid with Balinese Spices), Kambing Bakar with Lemongrass Marination, Sampi Bumbu Bakar (Charbroil Grain-fed Beef Ribeye in Balinese Way), and Iga Sampi Bakar (Charbroil Balinese Beef Ribs with Coconut & Palm Sugar).

Es Campur RM15

Desserts are limited to Es Campur – Balinese ice blended with sago, jackfruit, banana, honeydew, watermelon and sweet shredded coconut; and Pisang Bakar – Grilled caramelized banana, premium vanilla ice cream, sweet shredded coconut and peanut candy topping. Both still have room of improvement, and the Pisang Bakar would be better with thicker caramelized layer, softer banana.

Pisang Bakar RM13

In short, we do love the ambience in Bali & Spice in Damen USJ. Service is attentive, food price considered reasonable as a reward for yourself after a hard day at work.  We recommend Sate Lilit and Nasi Campur. Heard that the kitchen serves decent Aglio Olio too, probably you can try and let us know!

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Bali & Spice Restaurant by Ole-Ole Bali
Da Men USJ 1, LG-17, Lower Ground Floor,
47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
(Beside SUMMIT Subang)
Contact & Reservation phone number: 03 – 8011 8752
Opening Hours: 11AM – 12 midnight