TOKB Cafe @ Section 13 PJ: Malaysia ‘s First Military Theme Cafe

TOKB Cafe – Malaysia ‘s first military theme cafe that serves up Kelantanese food in affordable price is now opened at Avenue D’Vogue, Section 13 Petaling Jaya! Just 2 minutes walk from Artisan Coffee.

Still drown in romantic scenes from The Descendants of Sun and wish to meet your charming prince or beautiful princess in dramatic way? Head over to TOKB, LOL. Just kidding. TOKB, the latest cafe in Section 13 PJ may remind you about this famous Korean drama with its military-inspired cafe ambience, but as you look in further, what the cafe trying to present, in terms of food and design, has a deep relationship to our nation’s history.

Back in December 1941, Kota Bahru was invaded by the Japanese. The infamous Pearl Harbour took place 70 minutes later, and World War II was then declared. This point was left in many of our history books and now, TOKB can provide an opportunity to learn more about the major role played by Kota Bharu in the early years, said Bernard Tung, Director of TOKB Cafe.

Asides from having a viewing gallery with various wartime memorabilia, food wise, TOKB ‘s kitchen churns out authentic Kelantanese delights, well fit to the abbreviation of the cafe’s name – Taste of Kota Bharu. Completing TOKB menu are some familiar Japanese and Western snacks, demonstrating the presence of two ruling parties who may have introduced their flavours into Malay, yet do not affect the original tastes of Kota Bharu.

Laksam RM13.90

In order to ensure the authenticity of their Kelantanese dishes, Bernard and Lucas, founders of TOKB has got Kak Ma, the perfect individual who proudly cooks Kelantanese home-cooked meal the traditional way, using recipes passed own through the generations from her ancestors. She has been sharing her soul-soothing dishes in a small ‘warung’ for more than 30 years. Diners will be glad to savour one the best Kelantanese food in KL, using ingredients scoured from the small town of Kota Bharu.

Opening hours in TOKB is currently 12PM – 9PM. They will expand their business time to longer time in near future, from as early as 7.30AM to 11.30PM. Hence, expect to have breakfast, lunch and dinner covered here. Breakfast is served daily from 7.30AM to 11.00AM, with quick pick-and-go simple Nasi Bungkus including Nasi Kerabu (RM6.50), Nasi Dagang (RM5.20), Nasi Rocket (RM8.50) and Nasi Berlauk (RM5.20) .

Nasi Kerabu Signature RM17.90

For lunch and dinner, suggest to have a sit down meal in TOKB that spans over 6000 square feets. Try out Nasi Kerabu Signature. Toss together fragrant blue rice, herbs, vegetables, kerisik sambal ikan budu and sambal belacan to experience the multi-textures, raw & fresh plus acquired flavours from sauce. Served with keropok, ikan masin, ayam goreng and solok lada.

Nasi Rocket RM17.90

It is more known as Nasi Tumpang, calling it Nasi Rocket the modern way because the fragrant white rice is wrapped into long cone shape with sharp end in banana leaf, like rocket. What makes Nasi Tumpang interesting is the layers seen upon opening up – a section of rice followed by serunding beef/fish, then rice and gulai ikan tongkol and then rice again. Served with keropok and fried chicken.

Get more flavours of Kelantan with your choice of Nasi Kukus or Nasi Dagang, then pair with your favourite main dish. Diners can choose from Ayam Masak Merah (RM11.90), Ayam Goreng Kampung (RM12.90), Ikan Keli Paprik (RM12.90), Ayam Goreng Berempah (RM11.90), Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak (RM16.90) and Gulai Usang (RM14.90).

For Japanese fares, get Edamame, Chicken Gyoza, Cucumber Salad, Korokke. Western snacks sum up Fish Goujons, Smoked Salmon Canapes and Crudites. All priced within RM15.

Teh Atom RM9.50 (cold)

Teh Atom, something different from the Teh Tarik we get from mamak stall. Instead of overloading Teh Tarik with condensed milk and sugar, TOKB adds a good dose of natural sweetness to this Malaysian popular drink with HONEY. Yes, honey, you read it right. Must try.

Teh Atom RM9.00 (hot)

Available in both iced and hot. While the iced version is light to our palate, the hot version, delivers a with deeper, more pronounced taste of honey, pairing well with the tea. May be a tad too sweet for some, we we love our Teh Tarik this way! Packs a punch.

Other beverage selection you can get from TOKB includes Teh O, Teh O Limau Ice, Kopi, Kopi O, Sirap, Sirap Bandung, Coconut Shake for the “local kopitiam” nostalgia. Coffee in third-wave style like cappuccino, mocha, latte, americano; Granini Juice, La Mortuacienne Bottled Drinks, Classic Tea and Fruite Tea will be served soon.

Remember to also join TOKB Loyalty Programme, be a member and have your very own engraved military nametag! Start with Sergeant and enjoy 8% discount, then obtain 16% when upgrade to Colonel and finally, 22% discount for General level.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

TOKB Cafe ( Taste of Kota Bharu Cafe) – same road with Artisan Coffee
No.3A, Avenue D’ Vogue ( Menara Inspiration),
Jalan 13/2, Seksyen 13,
Section 13, 46100
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Contact: 012-283 0780
Opening Hours: 12:00PM – 9PM ( closed on Tuesday)