Kyoto Katsugyu Kyoto Station, Japan: 30 seconds Deep Fried Beef Cutlet

Kyoto Katsugyu Kyoto Station 京都 牛カツ – 勝牛 京都駅前店, dinner for our first day in Kyoto Japan. Heard the shop is famous for Kyoto-style Wagyu beef and aged beef, prepared in the “katsu” way. It is located just one street away from Hana Kyoto Hostel. 5 minutes walk from Kyoto station. You can also find Katsugyu Kyoto near Kiyomizu-dera, and Pontocho Honten.

It looked quite empty when we passed by around 6PM, so we decided to have a rest and returned around 8PM. A wrong decision and we ended up in a queue as the shop was full house. After 20 minutes of waiting in the cold wind, finally we were ushered to a big table, sharing seats with few groups of customers.

Staffs were busy but polite, energetic. Not a big restaurant, can accommodate up to about 40 pax at once. You may be seated at the high tables and chairs where you can witness chefs at work from the opened kitchen; or normal dining tables of 4 to 6, or the large tables at the more inner section of the restaurant.

Beef Cutlet Zen with Tempura Soft Boiled Egg (100g-1280yen; 130g-1380yen; 160g-1580yen)

Kyoto Katsugyu menu is simple, with deep fried beef cutlet taking the limelight – and is more than enough to keep the restaurant busy throughout lunch and dinner hours. Choose from Beef Cutlet Zen, Beef Cutlet Zen with Tempura Soft Boiled Egg, Fried Sirloin Cutlet with grated Japanese Radish with Citrus Soy Sauce and Soft Boiled Egg Tempura, Fried Wagyu Cutlet Zen with Soft Boiled Egg Tempura, and Kyoto Style Fried Beef Cutlet on Rice.

Fried Sirloin Cutlet + Grated Japanese Radish, Citrus Soy Sauce, Soft Boiled Egg  (100g-1180yen; 130g-1280yen; 160g-1480yen)

Why Kyoto Katsugyu is so famous? Holding on the policy of “30 seconds deep fried” , the restaurant churns out beef katsu that has a crispy, pipping hot, golden brown exterior, jacketing juicy, cooked to medium rare meat within. Even Summergirl who rarely touch beef nodded her approval, praising non-stop on the superb texture.

Apart from the meat, what makes Kyoto Katsugyu Kyoto Station noteworthy is the condiments that come along with our beef katsu. Curry Sauce, Worcester Sauce, Japanese Pepper & Salt and Original Soy Sauce with Wasabi. 4 different dipping for your meat, making the experience of tucking into Kyoto Katsugyu beef cutlet more lively, and enjoyable.

We love the Japanese Pepper & Salt the most, like a light seasoning that enhanced the original flavours. Original Soy Sauce with Wasabi were not bad too, a tinge of wasabi spiciness to tickle the tastebud. Curry sauce is towards rich, creaminess, goes right when you have with mouthful of rice.

Eat set is complete with refillable rice, salad vegetables, Kyoto style miso soup, deep fried beef cutlet and condiments. Diners can choose to have beef in the weigh of 100g (small), 130g (medium) or 160g (large). For us, 130g is a pretty decent portion to start with.

You can always refill cutlet at a reasonable price: 500yen for 100g Fried Sirloin Cutlet, 600 yen for 100g Fried Sirloin Cutlet with Japanese Radish Citrus Soy Sauce, 900 yen for 130g Fried Wagyu Cutlet, 1200yen for 130g of Special Fried Wagyu Cutlet if you wished to have more.

Tempura Soft Boiled Egg

Definitely a highly recommended restaurant to visit. Price is considered reasonable for a Zen set having beef as main course. Another good thing is Kyoto Katsugyu in Kyoto Station is not swarmed by tourists yet. Most customers are Japanese. Just we felt odd to be seated at a long table together with few groups of Japanese dinners, where they indulge into the lovely beef once reached, while we took pictures like no tomorrow. Hmm. A mix feelings though.

Kyoto Katsugyu Kyoto Station
600-8211 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Shimogyo Ward
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm
Website :