Aunty Christina’s Sarawak Laksa Seapark, Petaling Jaya

Aunty Christina’s Sarawak Laksa which used to operate in Lucky Garden Bangsar has opened a shop in Seapark, Petaling Jaya! Same row with House of Fishball – 60’s Teo Chew Fish Balls Restaurant.

For over 20 years, Aunty Christina’s has been churning out delicious Sarawak Laksa in Kedai Kopi Nan Chun, Bangsar KL. A visit to this kopitiam you will see that almost every table has a bowl of this noodles. Clearly, the famous order here.

This June, Aunty Christina takes on a new milestones, taking up a shoplot at Seapark to sell Sarawak Laksa. They open from 8AM to 3PM. Be early or be ready to wait. Be prepared to be told “Our Sarawak Laksa is sold out” too if you reached too late. We arrived at 10AM last weekend, get welcomed with full house scene. Waited for about 20 minutes before get seated.

Aunty Christina’s menu in Seapark serves beyond just the star seller. Besides the all-time-favourite Sarawak Laksa and Kacangma, the also have Black Pepper Pork Stomach Soup, Black Pepper Chicken Soup and Herbal Chicken Soup.

Just 5 main items but enough to draw a beeline of customers from breakfast to lunch hours. Staffs are friendly despite being extremely busy. If the shop is fully occupied, staffs will pass you the menu, and let you place order to shorten the waiting time. Order system: Pick what you want to eat, write on the paper given and pass to staff. After eating, pay at the counter.

Sarawak Laksa, the best seller, must-have. Choose from bihun, mee or bihun mee, then select regular (RM9, normal), Large (RM10, more noodles), Special (RM12, more prawns).

We had the special, and was quite satisfied that it came with 4 huge, bouncy prawns topping over shredded egg omelette, bean sprouts, vermicellis, all immersed in a bed of orange-red broth.

Still lovely as usual, packed punch of flavours. Broth here is precious, the amount is lesser but certainly enough till you finish the bowl of noodles. Just don’t expect your noodles will be deeply covered with soup like your usual curry mee.

Checked out also Black Pepper Pork Stomach Soup. The soup itself is comforting, but the taste of black pepper is pale. Not the usual pork stomach soup with spicy hot peppery taste. Ideal for diners who enjoy soup on milder side. Generous amount of pork stomach are given. Nicely clean, not bad smell, superb when dip with dark soy sauce served along. Just they way Summergirl’s papa do it back at home.

Kacangma- a unique Sarawakian confinement dish you could hardly get in KL. Aunty Christina has been popular with this dish for long since in Bangsar.  Now it is available with rice at RM10 per order, or just with soup at RM15 per bowls. About 7 to 8 pieces of tender, juicy chicken, flavoured up by gravy prepared by a combination of Kacangma/Motherwort traditional herb, rice wine, ginger, sesame oil and other condiments.

Add on prawns, pork stomach, chicken at RM2; beansprouts and rice at RM1. For beverage, selections are limited to herbal tea, barley, soft drinks. Try their ingredients loaded barley RM2.20.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Aunty Christina Sarawak Laksa

26, Jalan 21/19, SeaPark,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 8AM – 1PM till further notice (might sold out before noon)