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Shop for over 300 types of cakes, pastries, cookies, macarons, tarts, pies, etc. from more than 40 bakers, all in just one website, and you may have your cake delivered in same day, as little as 4 hours – Sounds cool huh? And yes, now you can do so with Eat Cake Today!

Some of the cake selections from Eat Cake Today

Established since August 2015, Eat Cake Today ( has been serving many satisfying customers with gourmet cakes baked by home bakers, local bakers and café bakery such as Little Tee Cakes, Petiteserie Desserts, The Accidental Bakers, Ennoble, Little Collin, Just Heavenly, etc..

Chocolate Mud Cake 7 inch /By Little Collins RM89

You may have heard before some of them, and not for the rest. But do check them out. Some home bakers might be little-known but they are really talented and churn out awesome sweet treats!

Apart from the wide variety of cake selections, what makes Eat Cake Today platform noteworthy is none other but their special, minimum processing time. Just browse through the website you will realize that they have a long list of “4 hours delivery” cakes. This means that if you purchase cake from this section, you can get your cake delivered to your doorstep in just 4 hours from your ordering time.

Box of 12 Assorted Macarons /By Ennoble RM65

We tend to forget some of the important occasions unintentionally due to busy schedule but this don’t mean that we have to compromise the celebrations. Quick cake delivery by Eat Cake Today can come into rescue when this happen. Get the celebrations on going without any worry. To be honest, we really like this “4 hours delivery” concept. Haha.

But of course, advance orders are always welcome, be it 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, even up to 1 month. Sharing here few cakes we tried. Looking forward to review other flavours too because all look so tempting!

Salted Caramel Ice Cream 7 inch /By Ennoble RM110

Started with one of the most photogenic cakes! Moist chocolate cake with thin layers of salted caramel butter cream, topped with caramel drizzles, finished with ice cream cones and caramel coated popcorn decoration. Looks sugary loaded but actually not.  The cake base is made less sweet, hence giving a good balance of sweetness when pairing with caramel sauce.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookie 6 inch /By Little Tee Cakes RM80

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookie as chocolaty as the former Salted Caramel Ice Cream, but denser, more solid in texture. Topped with salted caramel frosting for toffee-like, salty-sweet finish. If you enjoy your cake this way, this could be your favourite.

Gula Melaka Banana 8 inch /By Petiteserie Desserts RM101

Chocolate Banana Cake all the time. Too mainstream? Try this Gula Melaka Banana. One of the top seller in Eat Cake Today, also our favourite. Classic and simple in appearance but outstanding taste – generously loaded with real, soft but not mushy bananas, decked with rich, creamy creme patissier and delicious crunchy brittles on top.

Butterscotch Cookies Cake 9 inch /By Ennoble RM125

New on Eat Cake Today cake menu but one bite, we are hooked. Extra moist, buttery cake, slathered with butterscotch butter cream, topped with more butterscotch goodness, in drizzles form. Finally sprinkled with crunchy cookies!  So good that we are generally fighting among each other to get an extra piece for this haha. 9″ cake is quite a big size, can be cut into around 20 pieces. Definitely worth the price. Expect to see it on best seller cakes chart real soon!

Mango Sago Pomelo Cake 8 inch /By Petiteserie Desserts RM101

Now this is interesting. Dreamy soft mango mousse, fluffy sponge cake, pleasantly firm yet chewy mango agar-agar and the best part – bursting of juices from real pomelo sacs! We like this! Highly recommended for those who like a fruity and light cake.

Black Velvet 9 inch /By Just Heavenly RM138

A cake that we could hardly guess the flavours by just looking at it. It is charcoal sponge cake with black sesame frosting. Light inside, creamy sweet outside, just nice. Already planning to get this for Summerkid’s mum upcoming birthday. We know she’s going to love this. p.s/ when you have a mum who always make charcoal bread filled with sesame jam. Hehe.

Earl Grey 9 inch /By The Accidental Bakers RM125

Earl grey- a black tea flavour delicately infused into sponge base cake, layering with cream. Nothing fancy but could calm the mind, soothe the soul as you savour it slowly, enjoying the lovely scent.

Apple Crumble Cheese 9 inch /By Just Heavenly RM162.50

Stewed cinnamon-spiced apples baked in cheese, topped with a crunchy crumble. A switch from the usual buttery, crunchy tart, replacing with slightly moist cheese base but remain the core flavours of apple crumble. Enjoy sweet and tangy sensation within the cheesiness.

Cendol 8 inch /By Petiteserie Desserts RM101

When a local favourite sweet food creatively turned into a cake — Just eat it ‘coz you gonna love it. Enjoy your pandan, sago gula melaka, and coconut milk mousse with agar-agar concoction in trio colours. Different style but equally yummy.

Nutella Chocolate Cake 7 inch /By Little Collins RM96

So, whether you are celebrating anniversary with your loved one, having office party, giving surprise for friend’s birthday or merely craving for cake, Eat Cake Today serves as a great platform to shop for cakes. Hundreds of choices, price from RM37 to RM230 each, there’s surely something that can fit in your liking. Just order and wait for it to deliver for you! Our favourite by far? The brand new Butterscotch Cookies Cake from Ennoble!

How to Purchase Cakes Online from Eat Cake Today:
1. Visit Eat Cake Today’s website at
2. Select your choice of cakes by sorting minimum bake time or types of cakes or search by key words such as Salted Caramel or Chocolate.
3. Select Delivery Date, Delivery Time, Quantity number of cake(s), and fill in Message on cake and Message on cake.
4. Select number of Candles and fill in all the details and click “Add to Cart” icon.
5. Double check your Shopping Basket item(s), delivery date and delivery time, and “tick” I agree with terms of service and click “Checkout” icon.
6. To complete the order, fill in Customer Information, Shipping Method, and complete the Payment Method.

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