Mitsuyado Seimen, Starling Mall: Cheese Tsukemen from Japan

Mitsuyado Seimen 三ツ矢堂製麺 – a tsukemen shop from Japan, famous for cheese tsukemen and yuzu dipping broth is now in Malaysia1 First outlet at The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown PJ!

Mitsuyado Seimen, The House of Tsukemen 三ツ矢堂製麺 from Japan is now opened in The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown PJ! The queue was long during the first few days of their opening. Guess this scene will continue for quite some time.

In case you have not heard of Mitsuyado Seimen before – this decades old establishment is one of the famous noodles shops in Japan, specializing in tsukemen, or dipping noodles. They are the pioneer in arena of tsukemen to offer cooked noodles in 4 different temperatures, and what makes them different from the rest is none other but their yuzu oil-infused tsukemen broth, as well as unique pairing of melted cheddar cheese with noodles.

Mitsuyado Seimen now has 18 branches across Japan, 3 oversea outlets in Philippines. And this year, Japanese noodles lovers in Malaysia will definitely shed with tears of joy, knowing that the brand is finally launching one branch in Kuala Lumpur.

Cheese Tsukemen RM29.90/ regular, RM31.90/ large

Beat the heavy traffic after work last week to Starling Mall for a taste of this legendary tsukemen. Tadaa..our cheese tsukemen in regular portion. Freshly made thick-like-udon Japanese noodles, topped with melted cheddar cheese, served with a yuzu dipping soup and pork cubes simmered in Mitsuyado’s special sauce. Suggest to get a regular, as portion was quite generous.

Mitsuyado Seimen makes their own noodles daily using Japan-imported wheat flour to ensure the best quality for all diners. It is smooth, chewy and al-dente with light wheat aroma- very nice. “Shimewake” or rinsing-separately process using varying temperature is something Mitsuyado prides at, whereby cooked noodles will be rinsed in waters of different temperature to create vary level of ramen firmness. Here in Mitsuyado Seimen Malaysia, diners can opt for either “hot’ or “cold” noodles. Get cold for more al-dente, and hot for less.

We first pour cheddar cheese over noodles, take few strands and dip into the cloudy, thick soup boiled for long hours using vegetables and pork bones. Slurp and enjoy. Creaminess of cheese first came through, followed by flavourful, gelatinous broth and the best part – refreshing, citrusy hints of yuzu that laced around in as we munch on.

Love how the yuzu balanced out the entire taste, hence we didn’t feel cloying till the end despite the broth richness.

Karashi Ramen RM26.90/regular, RM28.90/large

Summergirl wanted to try out a spicy version Tsukemen so we had Karashi Tsukemen. For this, it is suggested to have plain noodles dipping with just spicy pork dipping soup. Not recommended to go with cheese as the cheesiness will affect the original great taste of Karashi broth that packed a punch.

Other than this two, as we flipped through Mitsuyado Seimen menu, we found that they also serve a promising selection of tsukemen that you can hardly find in KL. Among them are Natto & Quil Egg Tsukemen, Vegetable Tsukemen, Grated Japanese Yam & Quill Egg Tsukemen, Tanten Sesame Tsukemen and Marutoku & Half Boiled Egg Tsukemen. Classic choices like Roasted Pork & Half-Boiled Egg Tonkatsu Ramen, Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen with Half Boiled Egg,  Soba and Torigara Ramen are available too.

Chicken Karaae RM14.90

Ordered Chicken Karaage as side dishes. Freshly deep fried to golden brown, our chicken karaage was so tender, burst with juiciness, shielded by thin, crunchy outer layer. Pork Gyoza is not bad too. If you are looking for mini rice bowl, Mitsuyado Seimen has Roasted Pork with Negi & Mayo Rice, Taco Rice, Spicy Cod Roe on Rice, Tuna & Mayo Rice, Natto & Quill Egg Rice are on the list to satisfy your palate.

Check them out when you are in Damansara Uptown. Slurp-licious Mitsuyado tsukemen is worth the wait.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Mitsuyado Seimen Malaysia

(*opposite popular bookstore)
House of Teskemen from Japan
Unit S-229, Level 2,
The Starling Mall, 6 Jalan SS 21/37,
Damansara Utama
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri 11.30AM-2.30PM (Lunch), 6PM-9.30PM (Dinner)
Sat- Sun 11.30AM-9.30PM