SeniKome Péng Hēng, Genting Highlands: Explore East Coast Arts & Culture

SeniKome Peng Heng Resorts World Genting, the newly opened East Coast’s Arts & Cultural Centre in Level 3 of First World Plaza, Genting Highlands adds another new attraction to this famous holiday getaway destination in Malaysia.

Differ from most of the highlights in this hill resorts, SeniKome is away from hustles, more quiet, surrounded by the charms of traditional art with modern ambience. Here, visitors get to know more about the less mentioned East Coast states in Peninsular Malaysia, namely Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan.

Introduction of East Coast

It appears like an exhibition hall, yet not. At the entrance ticket price of just RM7 for adult (Genting Member), RM5 for kids (Genting Member), it is worth spending some educational moments in SenKome. Walk through the space filled with introduction of East Coasts, appreciate the arts and crafts they still holds stong to till today, and then enjoy a wide ranges of traditional games that reminiscene the good old childhood days.


We would say that this place serves not only as a very educational place ideal for family with kids, but to our adults too. Great for tourists to have deeper understanding about these 3 states in our country.

We learnt a lot here. From the history of East Coast, how Pahang gets its name to painting of Orang Asli, behind the scene of Wayang Kulit, how a Jebak Puyuh looks like, authentic artifacts and more, SeniKome gives clear explanation to most of them. They even have digital pad with motion video for more interactive learning.

Gamelan – Pahang was the first state to come up with a form of palace “ensemble’ music in early 19th century. It made its first official debut during the royal wedding of Tun Esah (*sister of Bendahara Ali, the ruler of Pahang) and Tengku Hussain of Johore Riau-Lingga Empire in 1811.

Jebak Puyuh – traditional trap use to catch wild quail available during harvest or during bush flooding.

Batik – Prime handicraft of Malaysia. It has been established since 15th century AD, and is produced by applying wax and dye on cloth material.

Our People/Orang Kita

Permainan Tradisional

Have a try with these permainan tradisional/ tradisional games including batu Seremban, teng teng (hopscotch), congkak (mancala), kercang, dam (draughts).

Wau & Layang Layang

Look up to the ceiling of SeniKome! There’s wau and layang-layang. Immediately feels like want to be in a long white beach or big green field and start running around looking our layang-layang flying high. The KL city we are staying in now is awesome, but we seems to be getting a bit further from the simple things that used to make us happy. #TimeForCountrysideGetaway

Artifak- check out some of the well-preserved artifact such as Acuan Kuih Bakar (Baking Mould), Belanga Tembeling (pot), Terenang, Periuk Tanah.

Souvenir Shop

Before leaving SeniKome, you can purchase some souvenir from the Kedai Cenderamat – textiles, artswork, pewter, batik soft toys. You can also have sit down and have a drink or local dessert.

Make your next trip to Genting Highlands a little more interesting with a visit to SeniKome. You will be delightful to explore such hidden centre that brings a vibrant element of Malaysian heseniritage to life.

SeniKome Péng Hēng, East Coast Arts & Cultural Centre
Level 3, First World Plaza.
Genting Highlands, Pahang.
Opening Hours: 8.30AM -5.30PM