MakaMakan by Jibby Glo Damansara: Kaya Custard 8-tiers Pancake Stack

MakaMakan by Jibby Glo Damansara, Kuala Lumpur is now opened! Check out their famous Bennie Beredil, 8-tiers pancake tower with kaya custard sauce, Nasi Uduk Beef Ribs Bakar, Squid Ink Pasta and Swimmer Crab Scrambled Eggs Breakfast, just to name a few!

Jibby & Co. Empire Subang is definitely no stranger to cafe hoppers in KL and Klang Valley. The other three restaurants opened by the group following this successful establishment, namely Jibby Chow SS15, Jibby East KL East Gallery and the latest addition – MakaMakan by Jibby Glo Damansara,  are all equally noteworthy.

Paid a visit to MakaMakan by Jibby Glo Damansara last weekend, indulge into lovely brunch and coffee before heading to BIG for groceries shopping. MakaMakan appears like a “light version of Jibby East” to us, smaller but doesn’t short of lively vibe that Jibby group always prides at. Walls of leaves murals that evoke tropical paradise ambience, along with warm hue light, wood textures against brass shelving; further flourished with fresh potted plants, and bold colour furnishing at the outdoor.

MakaMakan by Jibby menu offers a delicious list of breakfast, salad, Asian mains, surf & turf, pasta and dessert. Their Australian-inspired breakfast with Jibby very own creative twist is always a good option among brunch lovers; while Asian mains here is something you could hardly go wrong with, thanks to the confidence given by Serai, which is also under the same management team.

We checked out Bennie Bergedil RM28, one of the best sellers in MakaMakan. Deep fried potato patty and onion as bergedil, towered up with beef bacon, wilted baby spinach and poached egg. Creamy, crunchy, chewy – enjoy contrasting texture draws from each ingredient.

Beautifully poached egg oozing with runny egg yolk once cut through! The few seconds that we never get bored with for every breakfast dish with egg in it. LOL.

Smacky Backy RM30, Summergirl’s order. A pan of baked eggs in creamed spinach, artisan chicken sausage, mushrooms, onion, Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Topped with garlic crouton crumbs and a side of grilled sourdough. Creamy and rich, but not cloying.

Like the garlic crouton crumbs in it, crunchiness that heighten up the overall texture.

Pancake galore! Thanks MakaMakan by Jibby for treating us with all the three pancakes – Triple Chocolate Pancake, Strawberry Snow, and Castle of Clouds.

Go #PancakeParty with this Castle of Clouds RM45. Hearty portion, ideal for sharing among 3-4 persons. It stands out for being an 8-tiers pancakes, but what raises our interest more is the incorporation of Malaysian flavours into this Western style sweet treat – refreshing coconut gelato, crispy banana fritters, fresh kaya custard sauce.

Take a bit of everything and eat together for the best taste. The kaya custard sauce is especially amazing, rich, aromatic and not too sweet.  Hopefully they will launch a personal-size version of this, or have more dessert choices that uses kaya custard. Personally feels that it works great even just as jam spread over toast and waffle.

Triple Chocolate RM28 gathering triple chocolaty over freshly made pancake stack, just as it is named. Nutella spread, chocolate drizzles, Oreo crunch are the power trio, finished with almond nuts for extra crunch, and fresh strawberries to balance up the sweetness.

Diners who prefer pancake on fruity side can try out Strawberry Snow Pancake RM28. Three fluffy round pancakes drizzled with strawberry jam, crowned with whipped cream, more strawberries for tangy-berry goodness and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Accompany our meal flat white and latte, also our must-have when in cafe. Other than espresso-based beverage, MakaMakan by Jibby also have tea,fresh juice, soda, mocktails and milkshake to please. We recommend Watermelon Lychee, Chocolate Nutella Milkshake, and Hawaiian Mocktails.

In short, if you like spending your weekend in a more leisure way without the tense and noise from super packed cafes, MakaMakan by Jibby Glo Damansara could be one of your favourite places to chill. Coffee is decent, food is nice, ambience is lovely but minus the crowd – this is what we love most.

MakaMakan by Jibby (*same row with ParaThai Glo Damansara)
LG 11&11AL, Glo Damansara Mall,
Jalan Damansara, Damansara Kim,
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM Mon-Sun