Guess What Kota Damansara PJ: Vietnamese Pho Restaurant

Guess What Cafe Kota Damansara may not have an extra outstanding shopfront as your #OOTD spot, but its unique name is enough to raise our attention, leaving us wondering what food will be served here.

And yeah, guess what, Vietnamese cuisine takes center stage in this cafe. And beyond those familiar selections of pho, banhmi, spring roll, Vietnamese coffee, etc., we discovered a twist of Chinese flavours on several dishes – says, Fish Slices with Flat Noodles in Clear Soup.

Deep Fried Summer Rolls Rm6.90

Summer Rolls RM6.90

What’s make this place better is definitely the price, affordable with no comprise on the quality. Most items shown on menu are below RM15. You can enjoy generous bowl of Australian Beef Pho at only RM13.90, and Vietnamese Spring roll brimming with ingredients at just RM6.90 for a pair. Such a good deal.

Australian Beef Pho 100g Beef RM13.90, Ribeye RM17.90
Australian Beef Pho, the evergreen dish in Guess What Cafe. Hearty portion of noodles, immersed in beef soup that packed a punch. Suggest to go for the Ribeye Pho. You would love those thinly sliced rib-eye, gently cooked to medium rare with the help of pipping hot soup. So tender.

Handmade Beef Balls Pho RM13.90

Beef Internal Organs Pho RM12.90

Free Range Chicken & Poached Egg Pho RM8.90

Other than Beef Pho, diners can also opt for Handmade Beef Balls Pho,Beef Internal Organs Pho, Handmade Pork Balls Pho, Free Range Chicken & Poached Egg Pho, Clams Pho, Fish Pho for soupy-licious noodles. Each bowl comes with silky smooth Vietnamese flat rice noodles. You can also change to egg noodle.

Fish Noodles RM12.90
In contrary to Beef Pho, Fish Noodles ordered by Summergirl falls on a lighter side. Clean and soothing in taste, comfort food that fits well to the cold rainy evening during our visit.

Pork Noodles RM8.90

Clams Pho RM8.90
Look at the amount of clams given! And it is just RM8.90. Guess What is not stingy at all when comes to topping, be it seafood or meat.

Stir Fried Australian Beef Vermicelli RM12.90

Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli RM11.90
While there is no trace of our favourite Bun Cha in Guess What, we came across something different, such as Stir Fried Australian Beef Vermicelli, Lemongrass Chicken Vermicelli and top favourite – Pork Chop Dry Noodles!

Pork Chop Dry Noodles RM9.90
Recommended dish, better than expected. Springy, Al-dente noodles coated with surprisingly delicious dark sauce, served with a large cut tender-moist pork chop deeply infused with flavours of marination. Top off with minced meat. If “Gon Lou Mein” is your all time favourite, this dish probably wouldn’t disappoint you.

Beef Banh Mi RM7.90

Pork Banh Mi RM7.90
French baguatte influenced staple food in Vietnam. A must-have for Summergirl everytime when she’s in a Vietnamese restaurant. Guess what’s version is not bad, stuffing your choice of beef or pork along with pickled vegetables between crunchy outside, chewy soft inside bun to sum up to a texture-loaded delight.

Fish Sauce Chicken Wings RM6.90
For appetizer ,Fish Sauce Chicken Wings is the best seller. It was already sold out when we were there around 6PM. Thankfully they are thoughtful enough to restock the ingredients and served few more orders. It looks just like any other normal Chicken Wings, but oo-so-finger-licking good, thanks to the secret ingredient – fish sauce specially imported from Vietnam.

Lemongrass Chicken Rice RM9.90

Heritage Coconut Soup RM16.50

Beef Stew Rice RM15.50

Vietnamese Chicken Chop Rice RM12.90
If you can’t miss out rice in every meal, check out Beef Stew Rice, Vietnamese Chicken Chop Rice, Vietnamese Pork Chop Rice, Lemongrass Chicken Rice, Heritage Coconut Soup with Rice.

Phat Hai Vietnamese Coffee Hot RM5.50, Cold RM6.50
Accompany your meal with classic Vietnamese drink including Sang Tao, Phat Hai, Vietnamese Tea or refreshing beverage like Green Apple Ice Tea, Lemongrass Cooler, Lime Soda, Lychee Ice Tea and Vietnamese Herbal Tea.

Guess What Cafe

7, Jalan PJU 5/6, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening Hours: 11AM – 9.30PM