Melbourne 5D4N: Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes, Australia

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes – a popular seaside tourist destination in the suburb of Melbourne Australia that you can visit all year round, as long as the weather allowed.

Summer could be the best time to drop by because other than admiring just the colourful bathing boxes, you can also have beach activities like swimming, surfing, sunbathing and so forth while enjoying warmth sunshine.

While for the rest of the seasons, keep yourself entertained by strolling along the beach, take photos with the famous Brighton bathing boxes, watch beautiful sunset and enjoy sea breeze caress your face.

We visited this place in early of September. It is spring, chilly weather, but doesn’t minus the fun. Many said that there’s nothing much to do here, just beach, sea, bathing boxes and nothing else. Yet, we ended up spending almost half day here, took hours taking photos with as many bathing boxes as we could because all of them look so pretty!

How to Reach Melbourne Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

It is very easy to reach Brighton Beach from Melbourne CBD, as it is only 30minutes away from the city. From CBD Flinders Street Station, hop on Sandringham line train at Platform 8, and get down at either  Middle Brighton or Brighton Beach.

We got down at Middle Brighton Station, as it is the last station for Zone 2. It is about 15 minutes walk from the beach, but we can save a little on the train fare.  If you stop at Brighton Beach, you will reach the beach faster, but you will be charged train price of Zone 3 (Zone 1 + 2 + 3) instead of Zone 2 (Zone 1 +2) . So which one to go down, it is depends on individual.

Travel tips: Train fare in Melbourne is counted by zone, not by station. For example, no matter you go down at the first station of Zone 2 or the last station of Zone 2, the ticket price is the same (fare of Zone 1 + Zone 2) .

Cross junction came in sight once we were out from the station. Had dilemma on which way to go but it stayed only for seconds, because Summerkid then saw a sign that gives clear direction on which way to follow. LOL.

Beautiful houses along the way made our journey to Brighton Beach seemed shorter. Grand looking houses, one after another. In case you wonder why, because Brighton has some of the wealthiest people stay in. Cars park by the roadside tell too.

Yay, we are almost there. Felt so grateful looking at the clear blue sky – the only afternoon with such weather during our whole 5D4N trips in Melbourne. Other days was like either raining or gloomy.

Couldn’t hold our happiness when we saw the rooftop of the bathing boxes!!

OMG so striking colourful!

We just can’t stop taking photos with them!

The bathing boxes aren’t built for tourism purpose. In fact, each “box” has its owner, which mainly used to store their beach equipments like surfing board, and for clothes changing.

It doesn’t come cheap too. Heard that one “house” can cost up to AUD$330000.

Bathing boxes in pastel.

All of them look pretty new, you might not know that over 100 years old, built with timber and carries zinc roofs. Well-preserved, looks so charming and in-style with , different design from one to another.

Amazing blue sky but it is actually only 15 degree! Run from one end to another without getting sweat!

Rainbow ice cream happiness!

Managed to catch the sunset on our way back home.

Brighton Beach Baxing Boxes, definitely a great place to spend a half day trip when in Melbourne, Australia.

Brighton Beach
Esplanade, Brighton, Bayside,
Victoria 3186, Australia.

Transportation to Brighton Beach from Melbourne CBD

Train Line : Sandringham line train, get down at either  Middle Brighton or Brighton Beach.

It doesn’t matter which stop to leave the train. Just that-

Middle Brighton Station is the last station for Zone 2. If you got down at here, you will pay for the train fare of Zone 1 + Zone 2.

Brighton Beach Station is located after Middle Brighton Station, also the first station for Zone 3. Meaning, if you get down from there, you will need to pay for fare that included Zone 3. But, it is nearer to Brighton Beach.