Little Giraffe Story House 长颈鹿故事館 & Little Moments Cafe 容易揾 Cheras

Little Giraffe Story House Cheras 长颈鹿故事館 – a book club that has evolved beyond just as a reading corner. It is also a dining cafe cum community space for mini event, exhibition, workshop, story-telling sessions, etc. within neighbourhood, but everyone is welcomed.

Situated in 蕉賴新村, or Batu 11 Cheras “new village”, the current location for Little Giraffe Story House was the former residence of the founder, Mr.Lee. The original library, which was in a cabin garage, had limited space to accommodate too many books and visitors. Therefore, the idea of shifting Giraffe Library to this decades old house came in.

Putting together great innovation from young architecture graduates, assistance from helpful people in the village along with contribution in terms of funds, raw materials and energy, the house was given a brand new look, creating better, bigger, more comfortable place for the young to read.

Interior of Little Giraffe Library is “love at the first sight” to us. So photography-worthy that we could hardly hold ourselves from taking photos (*like almost non-stop) despite feeling quite pai seh after a while.

So much rustic wooden charm that adds warm, nostalgic nuance to the entire place.

Part of the library is reserved as a cafe, which is named as Rojak Wan 容易搵 previously, now renamed as Little Moments Cafe.

Initially, there’s only Rojak and Tauhu Bakar on Rojak Wan menu (*now Little Moments Cafe)  but due to increasing popularity and demand, the cafe expanded their menu to have more savouries like big breakfast, lunch rice bowls, dinner specials, desserts, cakes and waffles. New creations are introduced from time to time, with homecooked dishes made with love.

Still, Rojak and Tauhu Bakar are best-seller. In fact, these are the two local favourite street food that Rojak Wan prides at, made using family recipe passed down for generations.

Thick, brownish colour rojak sauce laden generously over a variety of cut fruits and vegetables, further topped with crushed peanuts and large, thin pieces of crackers that add extra crunchiness to this lovely Rojak.

RM6 for a small rojak order but is such a big portion to us. Enough to share among 3-4 pax if you are having main course too. You can also opt for Rojak Special with “sotong”, at RM10.

Big Breakfast doesn’t appear fancy like hipster cafe-style big breakfast with crusty sour dough, gourmet sausages, arugula salad and so forth but more of a homey platter like mum used to prepared for us – toasted squared bread, baked beans, scrambled egg, hotdog and lettuce.

Banana Waffle with Ice Cream – Lightly crispy outside, fluffy soft inside waffle, accompanied by banana, ice cream and chocolate sauce. Classic and simple. Original Waffle with Ice Cream, Wheat Waffle with Ice Cream, Meat Floss Waffle are available too. Price is reasonable, not more than RM10 for waffle choices.

Coffee here is Vietnamese based, with interesting Chinese names — 有一點苦的越南咖啡 for Vietname Classic, 有一點甜的越南咖啡 for Vietnamese Favourite, 有一點特別的越南咖啡 Vietnam Premium Roast and 有一點夠力的越南咖啡 for Signature Coffee.

Rojak Wan Cendol is surprisingly good! Finely shaved ice, coconut milk, Gula Melaka, red bean, cendol – a sweet treat that came in just right for the hot sunny day.

Despite carrying more functions by now, the philosophy of Little Moments Cafe has never changed – to provide better reading facilities, and to cultivate reading interest among the younger generation.

While for the cafe, the rental will help to support the library in the long run – for maintenance work, paying utilities bills, etc.. So do come by when you have time. Personally feel that it is a great place for simple brunch or teatime. Rojak, cendol, and tauhu bakar are recommended.

Little Moments Cafe – 容易揾 (*previous known as Rojak Wan)
Little Giraffe Story House 长颈鹿故事館
114, Jalan 15, Batu 11 Cheras,
43200 Selangor, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
Closed on Mon – Tue
Wed – Sat (12PM – 10PM)
Sun (12PM – 7PM)

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