Culfishery, Fresh Seafood Delivery in West Malaysia

Tried Culfishery, online seafood delivery for West Malaysia. #StayAtHome cooking and discovering easy recipes continues, using fresh prawns, lala, pomfret fish, etc!

When MCO first started, our fridge was mainly stocked up with meat and frozen processed food. There’s only two of us. We were so occupied with office work at home, so we generally focus on quick, easy recipes, which, at the same time doesn’t break our budget.

Despite so, we tried to create different meat dishes daily, from steamed herbal chicken to baked chicken, Japanese curry chicken, teriyaki chicken, stewed Chicken, Thai Basil Minced Chicken, etc..

As MCO get extended, we begin craving for seafood dishes like steamed fish, kam heong lala, seafood curry. There isn’t any Chinese Dai Chow restaurant near to our place, so we decided to order seafood online and cook on our own. Decided to try out Culfishery, or Chong U Long Seafood as we saw several influencers are recommending this seafood supplier too.

Our haul. Guess this is enough for a week. Shared some of them with Summerkid’s family too.

Culfishery offers a wide variety of seafood especially on fish, from grouper to dragon tiger grouper, red snapper, golden snapper, silver pomfret, white pomfret, black pomfret, king mackerel, ma yao, seabass, red tilapia, white squid, cuttlefish,tiger prawns, white prawns, sea prawn.

Fresh catch are from fish village or fish farms, without preservative and chemical.They can also help to clean your seafood. Upon request, without extra charges.

Let’s get the cooking started. Merrier tomato soup noodles brunch with prawns.

Deep-fried golden snapper with capsicum, tomato & ginger. This is oh-so-good! We also made some of the seafood into dishes like Prawn Curry, Fish Curry, Pan Fried Fish, Ginger & Shao Xing Wine Lala, Stir Fried Squid with Kam Heong Sauce, and more.

For order, Whatsapp +6017 – 9663986, or PM them through Facebook Chong U Long Fishery , Instagram @Culfishery for enquiry. Price list will be given during order enquiry.