COCOVA Single Origin Chocolate Buttons, Nuts & Choco-licious Drinks

I’m A Cocoholic – Sounds just like you? Then Cocova could be your next favourite chocolate brand.

Cocova takes prides in single origin bean to bar chocolate using Asian cacao, enabling chocolate lovers to recognize and appreciate the native tasting notes of each origin.

They use only natural ingredient, processed through minimal steps without adding any artificial flavours nor preservatives  in order to retain the antioxidants, tastes and benefits that raw cacao has to offer. Vegan, gluten-free chocolate. Dairy-free too, hence suitable for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

What makes Cocova more worth-mentioned is, the brand values fair trade and sustainability. They believe in paying the farmers fairly for their hard work, ensuring they do not earn less than they deserved.


Cocova’s chocolate buttons  is by far our favourite from their product line, thanks to its “multi-usage”.  It is great as snack, for cooking & baking, or made into choco-licious drink.

Happy – 65% dark chocolate buttons. Light, fruity, caramelized. Made from cacao beans fairly sourced from Vietnam.
Curious – 68% dark chocolate buttons. Balanced, nutty and smooth. Made from cacao beans fairly sourced from Malaysia.
Dreamy – 72% chocolate. Dark, bitter, intense. Made from cacao beans fairly sourced from India.

Instead of whole block, Cocova makes their chocolate in buttons-shape, which is so much convenient for measuring, especially when we want to have just a small portion. For instance, if you want to make a cup of chocolate, just take 14 pieces of Cocova buttons, heat up with 140ml milk and follow the rest of the instructions as stated on the packet. Easy huh? We also use it to bake chocolate cake; or melt the buttons as chocolate sauce drizzles for our dessert and sweet treats.


Movie snack, teatime snack, midnight snack – Cocova dark chocolate coated nuts is basically an anytime snack. Crunchy nuts, coated with smooth, bittersweet chocolate shell, finished with cocoa powder dusting. Lol.

Wacky Almo – 68% Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds
Playful Peca – Limited Edition. 68% Dark Chocolate Coated Pecans
Cheeky Hazel – 68% Dark Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts

Go creative and use it in various recipes too. Summergirl crushed these chocolate coated nuts and sprinkled over her breakfast yogurt bowl. Do try, it tastes really good. Sometimes we use it as cake decoration, topped over sandwich spread with chocolate jam, and even in drinks.

Zip-lock packaging for freshness. But do consume within 4 months after it is opened.

Cocova also expands their repertoire to include easy, ready-to-drink cold-steep chocolate beverage. They are made by melting down Cocova’s signature chocolate buttons over the stove, whisking in water and milk then refrigerated overnight to achieve a smooth, creamy texture.


Happy – 65% cold steep chocolate, recommend for those who enjoy lighter & sweeter drink
Curious – 68% cold steep chocolate, recommend for those who prefer strong flavours
Dreamy – 72% cold steep chocolate, recommend for those who love intense chocolaty

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