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Melur & Thyme @ Suria KLCC

Used to be Duck N Such, it is now named Melur & Thyme, and has relocated to KLCC shopping center in May this year. Located at the quiet corridor near to one of the side entrances at Ground floor, Melur & Thyme can be easily seen from road, but not when you shop inside. Though with less strategic location, Melur & Thyme manage to attract throng of crowds that makes the restaurant fullhouse with queue during meals time. In case you want to figure out their location: it is opposite to Harrods Cafe, nearby to Isetan and Ralph Lauren.

As its name, Melur signifying East while Thyme brings a symbol of West, Melur & Thyme aims to bring a mix of East and West dining experience to diners in traditional ambience with an air of modern elegance. The entire restaurant isn’t spacious, with L shape concept that parted into indoor, outdoor and bar dinning.

Ornamental patterned flooring, wooden tables, wireframe chairs, kopitiam stool, laser cut metal mural arts, frosted glass and clean tiles on wall, Melur & Thyme utilized every corner of the resturant to the full to establish a charming retro kopitiam with contemporary design.

The outdoor dining is completed with wooden flooring, and we love the wall that combines Japanese, Chinese and old style kampung elements in one, traditional in the modern stylish way. While the decor is artsy, Melur & Thyme also presents gastronomic fares from East and West for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Deep Fried Hoisin Chicken Wings, Leafy Fruity Salad, Hearty Herbal Duck Soup, Duck Satay, Sticky Asian Style Beef Ribs, Lemongrass & Lime Leaf Quail and Selamon Masak Lemak Style are among the interesting dishes that hook our attention.

Leafy Fruit Salad (RM12.00)
Stimulating textures of dragon fruits, kiwi, orange fruits, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, orange cheddar tossed with aged vinegar, added with handfuls of pistachio nuts, walnuts that give extra bites. Pleasantly refreshing in whole.

Queso De Mahon
Thick, cheesy goat cheese rolled with Japanese bread crumbs and deep fried to golcen brown. An addictive saltiness of cheese interlayers with light sweetness from honey drizzled over it.

Grilled Lamb Cutlet (Small-RM25, Large-RM34)
Meat was tender with smoky aroma from the grill, natural flavours come through but slightly fall short of taste. Thanks to the toppings of red peppers marmalade and melted goat cheese that fixed all the shortage, complementing each other well, ended up with appealing flavours and thumbs up in every bits.

Peking Duck (RM29.00)
Instead of having more skin over meat, Melur & Thyme version’s Peking Duck are more meaty, with less protuding skin crispiness. If you were to ask us to rate, we would say that it tasted more like usual roasted duck, but in term of taste, no doubt it is very flavoursome and juicy with great texture. Hard work is worth appreciated.

No thin rice sheet. Melur & Thyme has their own unique way of presenting fresh leafy greens and homemade Roti Jala to wrap with your duck slices.Not to forget is the chef’s special hoisin sauce, plum sauce, and spicy sauce that add extra kick.

Grandma’s Hokkien Mee (RM22.00)
You may call it the expensive bowl of Hokkien Mee, as the price is set almost triple higher than those you can get from foodcourt. But judging from the generous topping of five huge prawns, fish ball, fish cake, shredded chicken, vegetables and egg, the bowl of noodles seems worth the price. The broth too, was thick with intense umami flavours and sweetness from prawns, making every slurp of noodles so flavourful. We do feel the lack of spiciness, but the chilli shrimp sambal that come along is spicy enough to give extra oomph.

Chocolate Pecan Pie (RM15.00)
Coming to the dessert, they have a range of sinful chocolaty choices such as Durian Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cheesecake, Chocolate Pecan Pie, Chocolate Banana Muffin with Cream Cheese. The Chocolate Pecan Pie is good. Flaky, sugary sweet tart base nestled with melted chocolate coated nuts, topped over with coconut flakes.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake (RM10.00)
Small, simple and ordinary, this little dessert can hardly catch our attention and appetite, only to surprised us later. It is warm, delicately moist with intense peanuty, buttery and chocolaty goodness. Everyone on the table gave this a full marks. Definitely the must try in Melur & Thyme.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Melur & Thyme
G03H-I Level Ground,
Suria KLCC,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03 – 2181 8001
Business Hour: 8:00am – 10:00pm (Monday – Sunday)
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