Burp! Asian Food Gallery @ Bangsar Shopping Centre [CLOSED DOWN]

Whenever you think of food court, the first thing that comes to your mind might be food in cheap price. What if I told you that, now, there is a food court where you not only get to have cheap food in a clean, cozy and air conditioner area, but also:

1. A touch screen menu where you can browse through and look for the food you want and headed straight to the stall for food ordering. Save your time for wandering around thinking what to eat, with stomach getting hungrier.
2. A handphone charging stations, where you can get your handphone charged for FREE.
3. Television shows as entertainment while having your meal.
4. Wifi access. For those who can’t live without internet. The good thing of Wifi here: no password is needed.
5. Board games and play area for kids. A cabinet full with all sorts of board games where you can pick and play with. No rental fees required, no time limitations, just register with the staff at counter.
And the place having all these facilities is Burp! at Bangsar Shopping Centre!
Bangsar Shopping Centre is unveiling its first ever Asian Food Gallery, Burp! which is more than just a food court in a shopping center. Burp! is a contemporary Asian food court, furnished with modern interiors that exude a cosy and warm ambience altogether. With steel in dark colour and rustic wooden finish, the 11600 sq. ft. spacious area can accommodate up to 400 customers and houses 9 restaurants.

Added to it, Burp! introduces BURP Passport card, which is a card where you can use while ordering, very similar as Marche in The Curve. What you need to do is just:
1.Give your card to the respective food stall while placing order.
2.They will swipe the card and give you a receipt. Amount you spend will be recorded in the card.
3. Wait for your food, and enjoy.
4. Pass the card back to the counter and pay the total when you leave.

This unique payment system is very convenient as it saves the hassle of on-the-spot payment when you are in a family outing with hands holding little ones, looking for purse in handbag especially for females, digging for small change, and providing a faster moving queues at stalls.

That night, we sampled an array of local Asian delicacies from Burp! Food Gallery.
Asam Laksa from the Penang Stall. (RM7.90)
The laksa was lavishly loaded with rice noodles, assam fish and garnished with onions, pineapple, cucumber and mint leaves. The spicy and sourish fish broth made this bowl of laksa truly addictive.
Rojak from Nasi Kandar Stall. (RM5)
The rojak had cubed bean curd, bean sprouts, turnips, cucumber and egg mixing with rich peanut infused gravy, perfect for a light lunch or as snack for sharing.
House Special Udon from Japanese Stall. (RM6)
Tossed the udon lightly with Japanese soy sauce, and slurped in a mouthful of udon with half boiled egg and chopped spring onion, you would agree with me this was a simple but delicate delicacy. Not to forget, the stall is run by Marufuku Udon, who is famed for their delicious udon.
Chicken Katsu Udon from Japanese Stall. (RM10)
For those who prefer a more complete meal, he/she can opt for this chicken katsu udon served with crispy panko, breaded chicken, greens and topped with spring onions. Breaded chicken was meaty, crispy and not oily at all.
Kaarage from Japanese Stall. (RM3)
This is the Japanese style chicken nugget with its deep fried crunchy outer layer.
Tomyam Soup Served in Coconut from Thai Stall. (RM10.50)
This tomyam soup served in coconut is actually originated from a Thai Kopitiam restaurant located at Jalan Kuchai Lama. This authentic Thai dish comes with prawns and squids served with tomyam soup inside a coconut.
Curry Noodles. (RM7.90)
Nasi Lemak from Malay Stall. (RM6.80)
This is one of the famous dish among Malaysian and it comes with fried ikan bilis, nuts, sambal, half-full boiled chicken egg and rendang.
Nasi Lemak.
Roasted Chicken Rice. (RM9.80)
An authentic Hong Kong chicken rice served with golden roasted chicken.
Mee Goreng Mamak. (RM6.50)
Sizzling Mushroom Chicken Yee Mee. (RM7.90)
A sizzling hot plate dish of yee mee noodles with chicken, mushroom and vegetables.
Satay. (RM13.50 for 10 sticks)
The satay was nicely grilled, smoky and nice in flavour, taste better with the thick, sweet and little spicy peanut gravy. But I still prefer satay with some charred bits. =)
Ice kacang.
As the stall was closing by the time we ordered this ice kacang, most of the ingredient were ran out. So we ended up having this simplified version of ice kacang that had no toppings but only drizzled with some colourful syrup.
Very refreshing orange juice and watermelon juice to quench out thirst after the meal.
Photographer: Summer
Writer: YLing
Burp! @BSC
The Asian Food Gallery
Lot No.4.06,
4th Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre,
Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-22827166
Business Hour: (Mon- Sun) 8am-10am