4th Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo 2013 @ PWTC, KL

Held in Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) from 27th-29th December 2013 (Friday-Sunday), 10am to 8pm, the 4th Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo is back again with more promotions and deals! 5000 sets of complimentary goodies bag area up to be grabbed, just fill up the form at information counter and also stand a chance to win fabulous prizes through simple games. Check out some of the booths we have covered:

#1 F&N (booth 051,052, 059, 060)
F&N, being the Platinum sponsor in this event, has also run a few promotions in these few days. Being the trusted househould brand by Malaysians for generations, F&N is glad to rebate the loyal supports of customers with Free “Eco Bag” for any two cans of sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk products purchased in this fair. Magnolia Fresh Milk is sold at RM10 for two packets; Farmhouse Milk at RM15 for any two; and RM10 for two packets of fruit juice with 1 handypack FREE.

There’s also a cooking demonstration by the young and handsome F&N chef, Alric Tong at specific time. We were just in time to join his cooking demonstration- using Carnation Evaporated milk to marinate chicken. According to chef, marination using evaporated milk help to tenderize the chicken, resulting in juicier and more tender chicken.

Website: www.fnbm.com.my

#2 Biogreen (booth 160-161)
Biogreen, a brand well known for its organic and natural health products for 16 years. All their products is inspired by natural and organic agriculture, 100% vegetarian and has proudly obtained organic certification from NASSA, Australian Certified Organic , JAS, BCS, USDA Organice and more.

They are now in Taste Fully, with special promotion of buying 1 BG 100 at RM78, and get the second for free with 1 Energy tumbler. At other times, consumers can get them in normal price at AEON Wellness, AEON Big, Watson, Guardian, Caring, Vitacare, Healthlane Pharmacy, Giant, Cold Storage, and Biogreen, BMS Organics and other organic outlets.

Website: www.biogreen2u.com

#3 Greenday (booth 058)
A brand with only one year plus in the market, still new but definitely highly recommended! Greenday focuses in healthy snack made 100% using natural vegetables and fruits including broccoli, durian , mango, jackfruit, strawberry, ginkgo, grape, peach, apple, lotus root, pumpkin, okra, taro and pineapple.

All these fresh ingredients are prepared using Greenday’s Vacuum Frying and Vacuum Freeze Dried technology, where the former has only 2-3% of oil content and is vacuum fried using rice bran oil. The later is fat-free, and is done using a vacuum and freezing process to remove water from perishable fruits. They are all healthy, light, crispy, ideal as snack for the young and old. Crispy Strawberry is on our top list!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greendaybrand

#4 KMT (booth 123-128)
KMT is established in 1994, started as a distributor for Nong Shim, the Koren No.1 instant noodles. The company soon developed, involving themselves in distributing more varieties of Korean food products such as instant noodles, beverage, snacks, seasonings, preserved vegetables, fruits and ice creams from Korea well known brands including Lotte, Kunyang, Yakuly, Daesang, Hanil, Bingrae, CJ and Ottogi.

They are now at booth 123-128 in Taste Fully F&B Expo, selling lots of Korean products are promotional price. One can get Chongga Mat Kimchi, Poggi Kimchi, Chonggak Kimchi, KMT fresh udon 4 in 1, Tea Zen Pure Green Tea, Hansung Food fruit jams and Nongshim instant noodles. The girl literally go gaga at her favourite Shin Ramyun that is sold at only RM10 per packets! So cheap!

Website: http://www.kmtfnb.com.my/

#5 Legend of Tea古意齋/ Lots Flower & Tea (Booth 044)
Founded in 1993, Legend of Tea specializes in Chinese tea trading, dedicated to promote the tea art culture and a healthy living lifestyle to the public.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Legend-Of-Tea/155708821109919

Their product range is available in stores below, and some of the stores sell Green Tea Ice Cream Made using their in house green tea powder. mild bitterness of green tea, not too sweet and creating a pleasant smoothness to the palate

Headquarters 總店 :
33, Jalan Foo Yet Kai, 30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Tel: 605-253 9500 (Ms. Chong Chew Hoong)
Fax: 605-242 2170
Email: info@legend-of-tea.com

Outlets 分店 :
Lot F52, 1st Floor (Ipoh Parade, Ipoh)
Tel/Fax: 605-242 9035 ( Ms. Lam Shi Ern & Ms. Ng Pui Ling)

Lot LG48, Ground FL (Jusco Kinta City Shopping Centre, Ipoh)
Tel/Fax: 605-545 3900 (Ms. Lee Chee Mee)

170-B1-29, Basement (Plaza Gurney, Penang)
Tel/Fax: 604-228 2237 (Ms. Alice Ang Lee Chin)

Lot S42, Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre (Jusco, JB)
Tel/Fax: 607-355 7727 (Ms. Choo Khai Lee)

Lot G40, Aeon Bukit Indah Shopping Centre (Jusco, JB)
Tel/Fax: 607-236 7727 (Ms. Gan Siew Eng)

LG1.98A, Lower Ground One Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre (P.J)
Tel/Fax: 603-5631 9751 (Mr. Tony Yeo)

#6 Hong Kong Doll Instant Noodles (booth 081-082)
At booth 081 & 082, visitors will be greeted with piles of Doll Instant Noodles (公仔面)by Tongee(KL) Sdn. Bhd. once passing by. This famous Hong Kong noodles has drawn a great crowd, as the current price is only RM20 at 4 packets. Great varieties- Pickled vegetable flavour, sesame oil flavour, chicken flavour,shrimp wanton flavour, spicy beef flavour and beef flavour.

Website: www.tongee.com.my

#7  Tian Di No.1 Apple Vinegar (booth 090)
Introducing the Tian Di No.1, a leading apple vinegar in Asia! Tian Di No.1 is a ready-to-drink beverage, non-alcoholic, lightly carbonated, sweet with a mild taste of apple vinegar. We like the fact that it is easy to drink, and minus the problem of adding a right porportion of water to create a perfect apple vinegar drink, which is what we usually do when preparing from concentrated apple vinegar. Sometimes, it will lead to unpleasant astringent feeling to the palate. But with Tian Di No.1, problem solved and we can now enjoy apple vinegar whenever we want to! Also, it helps to eliminate fatigue, improves digestions, prevents aging, prevents obesity, improves skin care. Best consumed after the meal.


#8 CarJen (booth 216-217)
For those who venture to snack departments in hypermarket often, you will surely be familiar with JJ and SnekMi from Carjen Food Sdn Bhd. This dynamic organization focuses in manufacturing top quality snack crackers, extruder snacks, instand noodles and noodle snacks. Apart from Malaysia, their products are exported to Austrlia, Singapore, Bahrain, U.A.E, hong Kong, Taiwan, South America, Lebanon, Indonesia, Nepal, Brunei, Papa New Guinea, Reunion Island, Micronesia Island and Canada. Visit them at booth 216 & 217 for more deals and free gifts.


#9 Yuen Chun (booth 204-207)
Yuen Chun(源珍), a 103 year-old-brand offers a wide range of products, from fine soy sauces to ready-to-use cooking condiments. Their sauces such as sauce for stir-fried honey spices meat, sauce for sweet and sour meat, sauce for paper wrapped chicken, sauce for ginger onion meat, sauce for BBQ spare ribs are all ideal for a quick meal fix at home, but satisfying the most discerning palate at the same time.

#10 Pacific West (booth 063-065)
A famous Australian brand started in year 1995, gaining reputation with a range of seafood products such as Tempura Fish Fillets, Crumbed Fish Fillets, Tempura Prawns, Tempura Natural Calamari Rings, Salt & Pepper Squids, just to name a few. Through continuous research and innovation, Pacific West not only improve their products’ quality, but also comes up with more choices for consumer.

The latest will be the salmon range made using 100% wild-caught salmon. Salmon in mustard sauce, smokey salmon in peppercorn sauce, salmon burger and Japanese breadcrumb salmon goujon are the four types available. We like the Japanese breadcrumb salmon goujon the most, having rich and flaky salmon acoated with crispy bread crumbs deep fried to golden brown. Another plus point, no defrost needed, so minus the hassle if you are in a hurry to prepare meals.


#11 Nuewee (booth 079-080)
A brand new product from Prowell. Banana protein, blackcurrent protein, green tea protein are among the interesting flavours to keep your body healthier, thanks to their formulation which brings good anti-oxidant and anti-aging. Buy 2 free 1 at Taste Fully.


Thanks to the lunch from lunch Laksa Chef (booth 175), where you can get “Frozen Assam Laksa” here. Just reheat and enjoy bowful of sourish, spicy laksa broth that whet up the appetite. Deep fried squid from Sea Monster (booth 176) is good too, an addictive snack that renders a salty, crispy and chewy texture.

Hurry up! There are actually more than what we have covered here, hundreds of stores to be discovered! One day left, do not miss it!

4th Taste Fully Food & Beverage Expo 2013
PWTC – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(Tun Razak Hall 2)
Dates: 27th -29th December 2013 (Fri-Sun)
Time: 10am – 8pm