6th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon

Time flies.

Without much notice, the International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta has came to it’s sixth year. We still remembered how excited we were during the first year of this fiesta, woke up early and patiently queued up for a hot air balloon ride.

Ever since the first visit, Summergirl no longer present to this fiesta in following years. Summerkid, in the contrary, together with his patient for photography, visits alone every year, trying to capture the most beautiful moments of these hot air balloons.

He might have seen some of the balloons every year, but this doesn’t kill his excitement when he sees them flying high up in the sky, dotting the beautiful federal administrative centre of Malaysia. But of course, different new balloons are found yearly.

When the 6th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta held last week in Putrajaya, he took the effort to drive from KL city to Putrajaya, twice, because there was no balloons up in the sky during the first visit. Determination brought him there the second time, and he was lucky to see some of the balloons. Not the best scenes, but still managed to carve a good memory.

To photography lovers. Be brave to fly. For your dreams.