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We spotted Absolute Thai Hot Pot at Bangsar Village during our visit to La Bodega. A week after, we were here for lunch, trying out their Thai hot pot. Of all Absolute Thai in KL and Klang Valley, the branch in Bangsar Village is the only one that serves hot pot. Of course, you can still hunt down their delicious Thai fares here at the same time.

Absolute Thai Hot Pot in Bangsar Village inherits the chic and funky design as in other Absolute Thai outlets. The owner himself, being a designer, loves to play around with colours and textures, resulting in a settings that combine modern, cutting edge design with a playful, rustic touch, yet not lack of elegance.

Dark coloured floorings; wooden armed chairs with black round tables; black cushioned seat sectioning one another, wooden walls adorned with framed posters and ancient-looking chandeliars; ceiling lamps and metal webs, etc..Bits and everything here seems to be a bold matching, but pleasing to eye in overall, making your dining experience more extraordinary.

Either you are seafood lover, meat lover or vegetable lover, there is always something for you in Absolute Thai Hot Pot. For vegetable lovers, the restaurant brings up Vegetable and Mushroom set which consists of glass noodles, celery, morning glory, sweet corn, Chinese white cabbage, Enoki Mushrooms, shiitake mushroom, eryngii mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, green noodles, pumpkin slices and lotus root slices at RM35.90.

Meat lovers can go on the Meat Set(RM65.90) that includes chicken breast slices, beef strip loin slices, seafood seaweed rolls, Absolute Thai seafood balls, fresh tiger prawns, fresh squids, sweet corn, enoki mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, Chinese white cabbages, celery, morning glory, bean curds, glass noodles, green noodles and egg.

We, being the seafood lovers, choose for Seafood Set(RM85.90) brimming with fresh squid, fresh tiger prawns, fresh mussels, fresh rep snapper slices, fresh clams, Absolute Thai seafood balls, seafood seaweed rolls, green noodles, fresh beancurds, eggs and fresh vegetables platter.

Fresh Squid Stuffed with Absolute Thai Paste RM10.90
You can always opt for extra items from the ala-carte menu. Fresh squid stuffed with Absolute Thai paste is highly recommended by the restaurant, creatively fill up the hollow space of squid with homemade fish paste, doubling up the bounciness as you pop into the mouth.

Sizzling Thai Omelette with Fresh Crab Meat RM25.90
Omelette is fluffy moist, bursting with fresh juiciness of crab meat. We like how the it is presented- Huge, round, yellowish omelette beautifully laid in sizzling pan, coupled with giant size fork and spoon at the side.

Stir Fried Thai Flat Rice Noodles with Fresh Crabs, Bean Sprouts and Egg Served with Ground Peanuts and Chilli Flakes RM21.90
We seldom leave a Thai restaurant without indulging a plate of Pad Thai. This time round, we switch to a more luxurious version of Pad Thai by stir-frying the Thai noodles with fresh crabs to add an extra umami sweetness to the overall flavours. Mix in bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and chilli flakes according to your personal liking.

Steamed Whole Squid with Chillies, Garlic and Lime Sauce RM42.90
Fresh, bouncy steamed squid drenched in a bed of tastebud tickling flavours combining spiciness from chillies, pungent from garlic and sourness from lime. We can easily empty bowls of rice with this dish.

Stir Fried Mud Crab with Curry Powder RM55.90
Our seafood galore continues with Stir Fried Mud Crab with Curry Powder that forms a thick, rich and creamy gravy coating over the meaty crabs. A slight twist from Chinese version Kam Heong, Sweet & sour or Butter crab. Spiciness level? Mild as creaminess stands out distinctly.

Assorted Vegetables Tempura RM12.90
Assorted Vegetables Tempura extends the texture of all dishes on the table with its crispy and crunchy munch that everyone will like. Carrot, onion, eggplant, etc. deep fried to golden brown, so addictive that the whole plate get polished clean in a jiffy.

By the end of the meal, wash down the spiciness with a range of Thai dessert such as Coconut Ice Cream topped with Roasted Peanuts, Mango Ice Cream topped with Roasted Peanuts, Red Rubby Waterchesnuts and Jackfruits served in Ice Coconut Milk, and more.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

Absolute Thai Hot Pot
G-22, Bangsar Village 1,
Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur,
Contact: 03-2202 3708
Business Hours: 12pm-10pm daily
Website: www.absolutethai.com.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbsoluteThai