BreadFruits Dinner Menu @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

BreadFruits at Desa Sri Hartamas is now a cafe cum restaurant worth-visited not only during breakfast or brunch time for awesome French toast, breakfast platter, coffee, etc., but also during dinner time as Breadfruits proudly commences their dinner menu from 1st June 2015, 6PM to 10PM daily.

Continuing the philosophy of serving healthy and nutritious food, BreadFruits dinner menu is rest assured with high quality dishes prepared from fresh ingredients, adding with creative twist that you may not thought of. Plenty of choices to choose from the list – antipasto, pork chop, seafood stew, pealla, risotto, salad, cajun chicken, grilled snapper, just to name a few.

Charcuterie Cheese Platter RM36.80

Starting with Charcuterie Cheese Platter. We are not really cheese persons but to our surprise, we love BreadFruits Cheese Platter to every bit. Prosciutto, salami milano, grilled chorizo, brie, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, grape, beetroot carrot pickle, spanish gremolata & toast on wooden board. Feel free to mix & match your favourite. Our favourite pairing- beetroot carrot pickle with toast and cheddar cheese (the best), salami milano with grilled chorizo and parmesan cheese and grape.

Seafood Platter RM38.80

In case you are really not into cheese but looking for antipasto for sharing between 2 to 3 pax, try seafood platter. Fennel fried squid with wild honey cider cream, basil clam, smoked salmon with dill & capers, steamed prawns with Thai chili sauce, cherry tomato salad, fried potato, citrus and toast.  Again, the combinations prove to be interesting, and we both agree that putting fried potato, orange and smoked salmon over the toast is great.

Wild Honey Apple Pear Pork Chop RM32.80

Seeing the name apple and pork chop, it reminds us Yut Kee Kopitiam Roast Pork with Apple Sauce. While Yut Kee takes pride for their traditional recipes, Breadfruits on the other hand, scores in different dimensions by having heavenly match of pork, fresh apple, pear wedges, and 100% wild honey. It is savoury, it is sweet, sharp flavours but balanced in whole. The fruity side is definitely Summergirl ‘s favourite, seeing that she is a fan of poached pear and this dish does share some similarity.

Thyme Sago Pesto Pork Chop with Grilled Papaya & Coleslaw RM30.80

Grilled pumpkin or grilled potato are getting more common nowadays in many restaurants. Staying away from being mainstream, Breadfruits goes innovative by experimenting with different fruits before they finally settle down for grilled papaya as a side dish for their Thyme Sago Pesto Pork Chop. Grilled papaya sounds strange, but trust us, it tastes good. A bit smoky at the outer layer, but retaining most of the original juiciness and sweetness a papaya has. Pork chop is thick and meaty but better if the skin could be more crispy crackling, easier to munch on.

Kachin’s Squid Salad RM23.80

Trace down flavours from Kachin Myanmar with Kachin’s Squid Salad, a fusion salad inspired by Breadfruits Kachin kitchen crews. Generous amount of squids, packed with wok hei, smoky with a layer of salt & pepper seasoning. More than just a salad, great as a plate of proper main course. Even the vege-no-no Summerkid non-stop forking up squid, vegetables, rocket salad, cherry tomatoes all together into mouth.

Chermoula Cajun Chicken with Guacamole RM28.80

Seafood Paella RM48.80

Breadfruits Seafood Paella arrives in hearty portion ideal for 2-3 persons. Rice is moist, evenly cooked, infused with umami sweetness of seafood. Further enhanced by herby and lemony touch from fennel and dill. A traditional Spanish comfort food that certainly worth the 20 minutes waiting – slow cook is essential.

Spanish Gremolata Slice Beef with Jalapeno & Avocado RM48.80

Two beef selections for main course- Sliced beef and Sirloin Steak. While the sliced beef is adapted with Spanish gremolata, the Basil Mint Pesto Sirloin Steak is accompanied by brand new adventurous taste- nutty grilled watermelon. Still remember the time when we were in university, we did try grilling watermelon during grill-steamboat buffet. Just for fun. Here goes the serious version in Breadfruits.

Lemon Dill Seafood Stew RM34.80

Our favourite among all. Grilled fish laid over a bed of stewed seafood blanketed with tastebud enticing sauce that calls for flavour contrast. The fish is exceptionally delicious, fleshy inside, smoky crisp outside.

Glad to see that Breadfruits Sri Hartamas is doing well, having not only bigger and more spacious dining space now but also wider food selections that is able to cater customers meal all-day. Undoubtedly still one of the top cafes to visit in Klang Valley.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

17, Jalan 26/70a,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 03 – 6201 0090
Opening Hours: 8.30AM- 10PM