Grand Harbour Restaurant Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake

Celebrating 2015 Mid-Autumn Festival, Grand Harbour Restaurant 大港中菜 has crafted an array of traditional baked skin mooncakes and snow skin mooncakes with creative flavours for guests. A touch of modernity but equally satisfying in taste.

There are 13 mooncake flavours to choose from, namely White Lotus Double Yolks Baked Skin Mooncake, White Lotus Single Yolk Baked Skin Mooncake, White Lotus Paste Baked Skin Moncake, Fruits Nut Mixture Baked Skin Mooncake, Black Sesame with White Lotus, Jade Lotus Single Yolk, Red Bean Paste Baked Skin, Shanghai Mooncake Single Yolk, Snow Skin White Lotus, Snow Skin Red Bean, Snow Skin Yam Paste and Baked Skin Sakura Chrysanthemum.

Among all, we enjoy Snow Skin Yam Paste and Baked Skin Sakura Chrysanthemum the most. While the former is lighter in taste, richly blended with yam sweetness and creaminess; the later, which is also the new mooncake flavour for Grand Harbour this year, is seen to be one of the most potential best seller. The faint hint of Sakura Chrysanthemum within the filling is pleasing, delivering feminine flower like aroma that level up the overall flavour.

Receive a limited edition Corporate Gift Box at RM128.80/box when you purchase four pieces of mooncake – Sakura Chrysanthemum Baked Skin, White Lotus Double Yolks Baked Skin, Fruit Nut Mixture Baked Skin and White Lotus Paste Baked Skin.

Stewed Kampung Chicken with Chinese Wine 紹興馬來雞 RM33.80/small, RM65.80/medium
Besides having mooncake, mid-autumn festival also symbolizes togetherness and reunion, hence it is definitely worthwhile to visit Grand Harbour Restaurant during the 15th of month 8 in Lunar calender with loved ones for a delicious, scumptious Cantonese gourmet meal.

Fried Glutinous Rice with Crab 蟹炒糯米飯 RM85.50
Fried Glutinous Rice with Crab is the must order, but do make reservation to avoid disappointment. Huge, hearty portion that can fit 5 to 6 pax. Not your usual greasy loh mei fan, but whole lot more flavourful version, deeply infused with umami sweetness of crab. A spoonful of rice, a bite of big fat crab. Life is that good at this moment.

Stir Fried Sour, Sweet, Bitter & Spicy 酸甜苦辣  RM18.50/small, RM31.80/medium
A brilliant combination that showcases major taste of food – Sweet from pickled Chinese cabbage, salty from salted vegetable, bitter from bitter guard and spicy from red chilli. Multiple textures, ample of flavours.

Barbecue Triple Combo 燒味三寳拼 RM34/small, RM55/medium

Summerkid said: “I can finish the whole platter myself, with a bowl of rice”. Clearly, Grand Harbour Barbecue meat fairs decently. Char siew is the best, having fat and lean meat coated with a layer of caramelized, sticky sweet sauce. Better if it could be a little bit more charred at the edges.

Double Steamed Tian Ma Fish Head Soup 天麻魚頭湯 RM16/bowl
Double boiled fish head soup, extra nourishing with Tian Ma fish nutrients well-gathered in every spoonful.

Shrimp Roe and Wanton Noodles/ Har Zi Meen 蝦子云吞面 RM14.80
Grand Harbour offers also ala-carte individual meals, such as Shrimp Roe & Wanton Noodles, or more commonly known as Har Zi Meen. Noodles are imported from Hong Kong, more springy with hints of crispiness compared to our local wantan mee. Taste of alkaline was rather distinct, but still within acceptable range.

Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo 楊枝甘露 RM9.80
Our favourite in the dinner. Soothing, mildly sweet mango sago with pomelo sacs. Not entirely creamy with only mango puree, but balanced up with more fresh milk, making this dessert easier to indulge in. No, we don’t share this. It is so good.

Coconut Parfait 香椰汁雪糕露 RM13.80
Coconut Parfait shares some similarity with coconut milk shake, but served in cocktail tall glass. Refreshing, like tucking in ice blended. but we still like the Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo more.

Photography: Summerkid

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