Brunch & Munch @ G-Village, Desa Pandan KL [CLOSED DOWN]

Update as of Nov 2017: Brunch & Munch has closed down

Brunch & Munch, a new cafe with opened bar at G-Village, G-Residence Condo, Desa Pandan KL is now opened to public,  serving the neighbourhood with delicious brunch and munch selections, as it is named.

Having to know G-residence since it started to build from a flat land, we are more than anticipated to know what shops will be taken in at G-Village, a mini shopping mall attached to the condo unit. Quite disappointed when we saw only Papparich and Baskin Robbin at first but as the signboard of Brunch & Munch was put up one day when we pass by, we literally jump with joy. Oh yeah, is like, finally, a brunch spot to visit, and so near to our staying place that we can walk to reach.

Spot that iconic GIANT egg!

Brunch & Munch is a non-halal eatery, with pork and egg prepared in various way including pasta, pizza, burger, pie, puff, salad, shakshouka, etc., as their highlights. Drinks covers from coffee to tea, homemade coolers, fresh juices, homemade smoothies, homemade cocktails and long list of alcoholic drinks that we thought will make Brunch & Munch more noteworthy as a bar at the same time.

Currently, menu is picture-less with brief food description so for some items, it is more to guessing “what-your-food-is-going-to-be-like” kind of ordering. Tomato Chickpea & Coconut Soup, 75 degree celsius egg with salty bubbles, Lap Cheong and Shreded Pork The “pig” pizza, Brunch & Munch pork curry puff are among the choices that look promising, unique in its own way. Saw Asian Chinese style like Roasted Pork in Dark Soy Sauce too.

Farmer’s Breakfast RM29
Farmers breakfast or big breakfast or American big breakfast or whatever you call it, is one of the most popular dishes we always seen on a cafe menu that serves breakfast and brunch. We occasionally cook this at home too. That said, comparisons come through and we have higher expectations whenever we order this in a restaurant. Brunch & Munch version, sadly to say, is just average, but getting plus points for its huge portion.

In the menu, Brunch & Munch Farmer’s Breakfast should consist of eggs, bacon, sausages, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, caramelized onions, potato rosti and rye bread but when the actual plate arrived, there’s no trace of tomato, and potato rosti looked more like hashed brown to us, the toasted bread, hmm, didn’t taste like rye bread, more like white bread. Someone please correct us it we were wrong. T_T

Toasted bread was quite burnt at one side, same goes to the bacon. Potato Rosti was the less burnt item that looks good initially but as we bite through, disappointment came in as it was way too greasy, like a piece of potato soaked in oil. The only thing that is better would be the baked beans (unexpectedly) and poached egg. Even though poached egg was not runny enough, a bit rubbery for the egg white also, but we going to blame this back to ourselves due to the extra minutes we had taken to take photos. It should be perfect if you had it once the Farmer’s Breakfast arrived at your table.

Meat- “Boar” Spaghetti RM26

Thankfully, Brunch & Munch Meat-“Boar” Spaghetti was good. Thumbs up for the aglio-olio spaghetti – al-dente noodles, mildly spicy, helmed with great aroma of chili paddy, pork belly and bacon. Meatballs are homemade, packed with flavours and great pork stuffing. Just, size was miserable small.

Latte RM8
Add only RM8 for hot coffee (except mocha and iced coffee), hot tea or homemade coolers if you ordered Farmer’s Breakfast. Brunch & Munch uses “Ponto Alerge” blend specially roasted by RGB Coffee. Good coffee beans they have, but could do better with the coffee.

Total bill came to RM72 for a plate of Farmer’s Breakfast, meatball spaghetti, long black (*which mistakenly became Americano), hot latte. After payment, we realized Brunch & Munch is managed by the team who also owns the well-known fine dining restaurant & rooftop bar in G-Tower. This make us feel more disappointed. Service is friendly though, but we personally feel the cafe is not fully ready yet, for both food preparation and quality. We have high hope to Brunch & Munch initially but the visit was not up to expectation. Despite so, can’t doubt that it is a potential eatery as Desa Pandan has not similar cafe so far. Talking about coming back? Not so soon.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up : Summergirl

Brunch & Munch ( Beside Burger & Sushi )
Lot G-05, G Village,
G Residence Condo,
Jalan Desa Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
contact :+603 – 4065 0860