The Prep Room, Sri Hartamas KL : A Cafe with Hand-Drawn Food Menu

The Prep Room at Sri Hartamas KL has gone through a long way before reaching this stage – running a cafe they love; pursuing the passion in food and coffee; experimenting with different ingredients to reach for delicious taste in every dish; and so forth. Perhaps these are the reasons that made our visit to The Prep Room worthwhile, far beyond expectation.

Good food speaks for itself. True enough. Here in The Prep Room, from a classic cup of latte to a simple waffle we ordered, surprises the palate. To be honest, our main reason for dropping by at The Prep Room initially is to have a peep over their hand-drawn menu but by the end of the visit, satisfaction double up with nice food, warmth service and cozy ambience.

Located in between Isaki Japanese Izakaya and Aunty Nat Nyonya Restaurant, one street behind Podgy & The Banker, The Prep Room surfaces humbly in the neighbourhood of Sri Hartamas, offering Western selections with a touch of unique, fusion twist. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner spot? This cafe suits all.

5 reasons that we like The Prep Room food:
1) All-Day-Breakfast ‘s sausages and hash browns are made from scratch, where the former is prepared using minced meat marinated with herbs, while the later done using shredded potato, herbs, pink seasalt.
2)For burgers, each meat patty weigh at least 150g, marinated overnight to ensure best flavours possible.
3) No canned tomato pesto is used in their pasta. Tomatoes sauce for chicken stew is freshly made.
4) Waffle is one of the best we had tasted. The Prep Room takes up a longer process in making their waffle by first fermenting the batter, resulting in crispy exterior, fluffy soft interior.
5) Needless to say, yogurt, double whipped cream, toffee sauce, caramel sauce, etc. are all made in house.

Mocha RM8.50

Meanwhile, the extra efforts to illustrate some of the dishes in such a creative way, counts too. Yeap, the hand-drawn pictures below our mocha is The Prep Room menu. It is like a book, with simple description on owners background, of why certain ingredients work better in a particular dishes, reason they homemade some stuffs instead of store bought. A good reading material while waiting for our food to come.

Cafe Latte RM7.50

Both mocha and latte are lovely. Coffee beans are sourced from Bangkok, Thailand. If you like Caramel Latte or Toffee Latte, make sure you get one The Prep Room, as the kitchen cook their own beautiful, amber red caramel sauce and aromatic toffee sauce to infuse in your coffee. No artificial  flavourings or syrup from market shelves.

Chicken with Cream Mushroom RM18.50

Everything seems promising. But we were too early for their legendary Fish & Chips, and the picky Summerkid was not into Spanish Pan (he doesn’t like capsicum), neither Honey Mustard Chicken ( he doesn’t like mustard), or Jalapeno Burgers ( he never likes burger). Finally settled down for Chicken with Cream Mushroom –  Sage and rosemary marinated chicken thigh dressed with creamy mushroom cream sauce, complete with a large portion of salad green.

Banana Chocolate Waffle RM13.50

Must-have for waffle lovers. It has been some time we didn’t get to taste a nice waffle. Fermentation process for The Prep Room ‘s waffle batter does its job! Crunchy brown outside, chewy soft inside. A non-sweetened base, hence a perfect match to eat it with caramelized banana, chocolate sauce, the handful of nuts sprinkled over, and not to forget housemade double whipped cream. Too sweet? No. Cloying? No. Too big portion? Yes. But we managed to polish clean the whole plate. Worth the price.

We wish to try more, especially desserts like Tiramisu and Chocolate Brownie. Just too full. Probably in the coming visit.

Photography: Summerkid
Write Up: Summergirl

The Prep Room (behind Podgy & The Banker)
Jalan Sri Hartamas 7,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11:30 – 22:00/ Sat-Sun 09:30 – 22:00
Contact: 0122105075