Restoran Yong Len @ TTDI: Famous Penang Prawn Mee

Took a break from cafe hopping last weekend and switched to prawn mee as breakfast at Restoran Yong Len , TTDI 永年茶餐室. This humble kopitiam has been around the neighbourhood for more than a decade, serving folks nearby and gradually visited by those staying quite a distance away too. Most of them come for a good bowl of prawn mee, the iconic stall for Yong Len.

Prawn Mee RM5.30 (small)

Stall owner is a very friendly lady. When we placed our order, she told us that : “Girl, need to wait for a while ya~”. We expected to wait for like half an hour, but the noodle arrived in not too long later. RM5.30 for small size, appears in orange-red broth that looked really promising. Smelt nice too!

Mee hoon and yellow noodles immersed in soup helmed with prawn sweetness, topped with pork slices, kangkung, prawns and deep fried shallot (Ermm.. no boiled egg?). Decent broth, mild in spiciness even though we added all the chilli sauce given. If you preferred prawn mee with more spicy kick, perhaps you need to ask for one or two more small plates of chilli paste from the stall.

Curry Mee RM6 (small)

Summerkid, who was not into Hokkien Mee, had only curry noodles. For RM6 small size, portion was very “mini” compared to the prawn noodles. Noodles are not enough to fill Summerkid’s tummy, so we suggest to order a medium if you were a big eater. Taste wise, not up to our liking even though the broth is packed with “lemak”. We found it lack of spiciness, aroma and flavours of curries.

Otak-Otak RM4

Some blog reviews recommended the “Koh Kuih” stall in front of Yong Len, saying that their otak-otak is real good. The stall also offers Nyonya kuih, pau, siew mai, yau char koay and more. Their otak-otak falls on mushy side, soft and melt-in-mouth, differ from Muar otak-otak we had.

Will come back again to try out other stalls like char koay teow, wantan mee, and chicken rice. Will say no to their kopi peng (RM2.50). Taste like a watered down coffee, not “kau” at all.

Restoran Yong Len 永年茶餐室
2, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1,
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Famous food : Prawn Mee