Discover Chang Beer New Green Bottle with Good Hand Feel

Over the years, Chang Beer has captured the heart of customers with their unique golden brew, brewed using finest quality of ingredients – water from 200 metres below the ground; barley imported from the finest fields throughout Europe and the USA; carefully chosen yeast; and high grade European and American hops.

It is now one of the Thailand leading beer brands with multiple winning awards and what’s greater news is- Chang beer has had a new look!  “refreshingly different” with new amber green colour bottle!

The new Chang bottle gives a good hand feel, nice to hold with when drinking straight from glass bottle or while pouring into glass. Also, definitely a better match of content and container, filling up light golden lager into younger colour green bottle, beautiful contour to please.

High quality taste of Thai Chang beer with global standard continues, focusing on smooth and refreshing flavour, blending in subtle bitterness with fruity aroma in its 5.5% alcohol content. Suitable for various occasions from birthday celebrations to corporate dinners, anniversary events, parties, couples dining. Even a bottle of Chang Beer with a basket of snacks over football show marks a great weekend night.

Had our “first hand feel” on the new green colour bottle Chang Classic” at Baan 26 Changkat Bukit Bintang KL last week, toss for long weekend with easy-to-drink Chang beer and spicy-licious Thai food!

Bottle is nice to hold! We enjoy drinking from the bottle directly.

Apart from brewing golden beer, Chang beer holds on philosophy to “brew friendship”. So, have your Chang with your loved ones, building moments into great memories! #changbeer

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