Boxes Cafe @ BBCC KL, Bukit Bintang City Centre

Boxes Cafe at EcoWorld BBCC KL (Bukit Bintang City Centre Kuala Lumpur near Berjaya Times Square) has finally opened! This cafe, built by combining few mobile cargo containers, aims to deliver delicious Western, Local and Fusion delights to fill your hunger; hot coffee and tea to calm the mind in the hustle of the city; as well as cold drinks to beat the heat!

We spotted this temporary building while going to VCR Cafe last week. It is colourful, partially hidden by rows of “blooming Sakura Trees”. Not too sure what was it that time, but we guessed it was a cafe with concept similar to Palladium Cafe, Parque Cafe and so forth, built at different EcoWorld gallery. We called this as:  Brilliant marketing, publicity strategy. LOL.

In fact, we have been waiting for a cafe to open in this BBCC joint project of EcoWorld, UDA and KWSP to redevelop KL former Pudu Jail. And there it goes – Boxes Cafe.

Boxes Cafe BBCC is located in between Berjaya Times Square and LRT Hang Tuah Station. Hence it is easily accessible by public transportation – align at either LRT Hang Tuah or monorail Imbi station, walk for roughly 5 minutes walk until you see the iconic Japanese Torii gate (the gate is set up in conjunction with YOKOSO BBCC festival, not too sure if it will be removed after May. You can always look out for the colourful containers right by the street. That is Boxes Cafe ) .

Boxes will be in for 6 months, probably till end of this year till BBCC project is completed. Walk in and feel the warmth like going back home. The interior is so homey! This thoughtfully designed space is separated in three parts, where the first section serves more like a living room, with comfy sofas, bean bags and couple dining tables.

Second section is like a study room. You get rows of tables mounted to the walls, completed with colourful stools and books on shelves. And, a swing to release stress? LOL.

The third part calls more minimalist design, wooden tables with white steel legs, potted plants to complete.

This charming cafe is run by the team behind 10 years restaurants in Sri Petaling, a modern contemporary food atrium that gathers Malaysian favourite street food all under one roof. Guests get to enjoy some of delicacies from Ten Years Restaurant menu in Boxes Cafe, such as Kak Yati Nasi Lemak (RM12.90) and T&T Prawn Mee (RM11.90).

Egg Mushroom On Toast RM10.90

We tried out Egg Mushroom On Toast from Breakfast Round the Clock section. Didn’t put much expectation on it but to our surprise, it turned out to be so good. Toast was fresh and soft,  reminds us the herbs bread in Italiannies Restaurant; scramble egg was fluffy! It had been quite some time we didn’t have such a nicely done egg. Further topped with sauteed mushrooms and honey tomatoes for more colours and textures.  Simple breakfast, but satisfying.

Other food selections on Boxes Cafe menu cover from the common – Jumbo Brekkie aka the Big Breakfast (RM17.90), Honey Chicken Mustard Salad (RM12.90), Chicken Lobak (RM7.90), Potato Wedges (RM7.90), to more exciting creative dishes such as Chicken Linguine Smabal Tomato (RM16.90), Cheesy Keropok Lekor (RM6.90), Linguine Prawn Curry Carbonara Pasta (RM17.90), Chicken Percik Burger (RM18.90), Assam Pedas Steak Sandiwch (RM19.90) and more to discover.

Latte RM10

For beverage, you can have espresso-based coffee ( latte, cappuccino, americano, mocha, etc), Malaysian favourite such as Milo Dinasour, Kedondong Assam, Teh Tarik, Ang Mo Kat Chai, Lemongrass Sours Mocktail, Earl Grey Tea, Japanese Sencha, Orange Mojito and Citrus King Mocktail.

Walked out from Boxes Cafe and get yourself transported to the Sakura season in Japan, in conjunction with YOKOSO BBCC KL festival which will be held from mid of April till mid of May 2016. Take photos with The Manueki-Neko lucky figurine, adorable kokeshi, and Sakura street.

So, grab your camera and be ready for countless Instagram worthy photos, selfie, wefie in YOKOSO BBCC festival, then sneak into Boxes Cafe for a cuppa with desserts, cakes, pasta, burgers and more.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Boxes Cafe @ BBCC
No 2, Jalan Hang Tuah,
Bukit Bintang City Centre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: 010-221 0179
Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri (10AM – 10PM)
Sat – Sun  (8AM – 10PM)

Public transport: Align at LRT Hang Tuah Station or Monorail Imbi Station and walk for 5 minutes. BBCC is located in between Time Square KL and LRT Hang Tuah.