Patissez Cafe Malaysia @ Bangsar KL: FreakShake Milkshake Australia! [CLOSED DOWN]

Update as of 2017: Patissez Cafe at Bangsar has closed down

Patissez Malaysia has arrived in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur with the famous, original FreakShake milkshake from Canberra Australia !! FreakShake, show time!

Patissez Cafe milkshake has taken the social media world by storm when they first launched this drink (or dessert or beverage whatever you want to call it) in their cafe in Madura, a South district in Canberra. Photos of their milkshake spread like wildfire on these platforms, with massive increments of Patissez Facebook likes and Instagram followers within a week. Unbelievable, but cool huh.

In Malaysia, this may not be the first time you see this thick, rich and creamy milkshake. Laced with Nutella, caramel sauce, towering up with whipped cream, further topped with brownies, cakes, biscuits, corn flakes, biscuits or any possible snack you could think off. It has been quite some time that some restaurants and cafes start sticking Oreo biscuits or mini pretzel over a calories-loaded, freaking giant glass of milkshake that cost you more than 20 bucks in KL. But having to see the original Freakshake milkshake shop – Patissez Cafe opens in Jalan Telawi Bangsar Malaysia, we don’t get a reason for not dropping by at their first oversea outlet to check out if it is good as the world’s talked of.

Pretzella Milkshake RM23

While there are over 15 #FreakShakes back in their home in Australia, Patissez Malaysia menu brought over 3 best-selling flavours to Bangsar cafe currently, plus specially crafted King of fruit durian milkshake at the price of RM23 each :

Muddy Pot – Housemade chocolate fudge shake, lashings of choc fudge, whipped vanilla mousse, hose made choco fudge brownie, torched housemade marshmallow

Pretzella – Nutellary Nutella Shake, lashings of Nutella shake, lashings of Nutella, crushed salty pretzels, Nutella dunked pretzels, super light whipped vanilla mouse

DurianFreak – salted caramel, creamy durian special shake, vanilla mousse, durian semifredo popslide dipped in white chocolate and honeycomb

Like a Velvet – smooth and crisp and all dressed in Liquid red velvet cake, cream cheese, housemade raspberry gel, red velvet cake discs

Summerkid said: “The Nutella very nice with this milkshake. The pretzel saltiness paired well with the milkshake pun. Not very sweet. Quite good to drink.”. A surprise comment as Summerkid seldom like dessert this way, and his feedback was “super sweet” for most of the similar milkshakes we tried in KL. Hey yeah, Patissez seems to have won his heart.

Truth enough, Patissez has got the right ratio and concoction for each ingredient that layering up the mason jar, making it a messy goodness that deserves a photo before you start indulging it in. Photography-worthy, “taste-worthy”, with textures and layers, not just merely sweet. They don’t mix and match for the sake of putting them together. So, more Patissez milkshake please. And the next order of Like A Velvet, Summerkid will start to say Red Velvet Cake is awesome and there you go, Summergirl will get her official license to get this bright, red colour cake in a dessert shop whenever she feels like having one. Hahaha.

Flat White RM10.90

Other than the legendary milkshake, Patissez menu also churns out delicious savoury food like Shredded Slow Braised Beef Omelette (RM23), Herby Roasted Mushroom & Smashed Avocado ( RM25), Corn & Zucchini Fritters (RM25), Salmon Scramble with Avocado & Sourdough (RM32), Cheese Burger (RM28), Salmon Burger (RM36), Caesar Salad (RM28) and Slow Cooked Patissez Chicken Thigh Chick’d Kozani (RM25), just to name a few. Drinks covers coffee, brewed tea and freshly squeezed juice. Cakes are available too.

Overall review: FreakShow milkshake – Artery clogging dessert that worth a try, despite the price. Brunch platter from other diners’ table looked really delicious but we just had our lunch at Raj’s Banana Leaf, which is just two doors away from Patissez. Else we would be tucking into the huge burger heaped with fries by the side. Next time we will. BTW, we spotted the jam stuffed round doughnut when paying at the counter, add a syringe filled with jam on top perhaps?

Photography: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Patissez Cafe Malaysia
(Same row with Raj’s Banana Leaf Rice, Number 76 Hair Salon, and Premier Clinic Bangsar)
42, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours:
Mon  -Thurs (11am – 11pm)
Fri (11am – 12 midnight)
Sat – Sun (8am – 12am)