Breakfast Thieves @ APW Bangsar KL: Don’t Steal My Breakfast!

Breakfast Thieves Kuala Lumpur launched in APW Bangsar KL (*same location as PULP Pulp by Papa Palheta) last week, all geared up to steal your heart away with their Melbourne-style breakfast in a glasshouse-inspired cafe setting.

From Australia to Malaysia, we wonder if the opening of Breakfast Thieves after Patissez Bangsar is a sign of cafe scene changes in this city, riding on a new milestone to create more exciting foreign flavours for your Egg Benedict and so forth. Or, it will just be another short-term trend of having more cafes from the country, like what happens to the hype of Japanese half baked cheese tart.

We will let those upcoming new cafes to clear this question but for now, it is glad to see Breakfast Thieves here in Malaysia. This reputable eatery is still in soft launch period but people are already making a beeline for a taste of Melbourne. So, gentle reminder – be early, or be ready to wait.

We dragged ourselves out from bed earlier than usual this Saturday, hoping to reach Breakfast Thieves once they opened in order to capture best “empty environment” photos. We failed. It was already half occupied when we set our foot in Breakfast Thieves at 9.05AM, with diners already done ordering, waiting eagerly for their food. Need so early mou. Full-house by 9.30AM. Queue started from 10AM.

Currently, there’s less than 10 items on Breakfast Thieves menu, all priced within RM30. They will come up with more selections soon, summing up local favourites and Western delights in beautiful plating (we guess so hahahaha).

Diners who prefer starting their first meal light can go for Kampung Eggs Your Way on Buttered Toast RM14, a simple dish of poached eggs / fried eggs / scrambled eggs on Hiestand Bakery sourdough toast. Other choices are all above RM20, including The Breakfast Chain (RM27), My French Lady French Toast (RM26), Mr. Terry Benedict (RM29), Gypsy King Polenta Bars (RM29), Leprechaun Corn & Zucchini Fritters (RM26) and The Legend Spicy Baked Eggs (RM25).

Mr. Terry Benedict RM29.00

Signature dish in Breakfast Thieves. Three slices of toast as base, heaped with 24-hours slow braised beef cheeks in green peppercorn, charred cauliflower and poached eggs dressed in yuzu-hollandaise sauce and honey apple compote.

Meat is beefy, soft but still with bites after long hours of slow-cooked, laced with spices aroma. We loved the Hollandaise sauce infused with hints of yuzu, as it adds refreshing zing to balance up the overall flavours.

The Breakfast Chain RM27.00

Meatless, wholesome, cheerful looking breakfast that Summergirl will hardly say NO to! Three slices of bread topped with melted cheddar cheese, two soft boil eggs, a glass of berry yougurt with granola and a pot of apple & strawberry crumble with ginger almond – All Summergirl’s favourite, just portion is too big for her.

She told Summerkid: “I am done. Full” after eating 3 small sticks of bread, one egg and half cup of the fruits crumble. @.@. Many says that food portion in Breakfast Thieves is small but we find it quite sufficient. Or just we are small eater?

*Kok kok kok*. Opened up a small hole then “drink up”, or dunk bread slices into the runny yolks. We like the later more.

Flat White RM11

Beverage selections are straightforward – Latte, piccolo, cappuccino, long black, chocolate, juices and tea by Premium Gryphon Tea. Go by pot for options like British Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Lavender, Osmanthus Sencha, Lemon Ginger Mint, White Gingerlily.

Overall review: Total bill came to RM73.70 for two dishes and one coffee, including service charge. No government tax so far. Service is friendly. Waiting time for food weren’t long despite the crowd. Nice ambience with glass and wooden charm, photography worthy brunch spot. Any impact to PULP opposite to it? Erm.. no comment. Pulp was still crowded when we passed by hahaha. Both are having different shades of food concept, and we like both.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Breakfast Thieves KL APW Bangsar (Same location with Pulp by Papa Palheta )
Lot M, 29-5,
Jalan Riong, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2788 3548
Opening Hours:
Tues – Sun (9am – 5pm); Kitchen closed at 4PM
Closed on Mondays