Ruyi & Lyn @ Bangsar Shopping Centre KL: Nasi Lemak Sushi

Ruyi & Lyn at Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC) Kuala Lumpur. A restaurant that we stepped in with wow, walked out with smile.

Talks about walking through a red carpet stage, stands under the spotlight like a celebrity, get welcomed by a spectacular dining hall that spans over 22,000 square feet, and lays your cutlery on exquisitely prepared dishes – If you loved this, Ruyi & Lyn is the place for you.

We believe this restaurant, which perched on the top floor of Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC) Kuala Lumpur, needs no further introduction. Their Nasi Lemak Sushi has taken the social media platform by storm when first launched, and has now made their name as one of the best modern Chinese restaurants in KL.

Since opening, they stand out for being just a normal restaurant. It is multi-conceptual space with a main event hall, casual dining area, karaoke private dining rooms, private dining rooms with one way glass, cigar lounge and outdoor terrace. From company events and weddings to private gathering, couple anniversary, or just merely relaxed dinner, Ruyi & Lyn suits all.

Tai Zi’s Dish RM98

Ruyi & Lyn menu is crafted by Chef James Ho, a talented chef with dreams of innovating Malaysian F&B industry with his Pan Asian creations. Therefore, food in Ruyi & Lyn is never boring. Oriental-base with modern fusion twist. You get possible combinations from various countries plus ingredients that seem to be a mismatch, but turned out to be satisfying. Take this Tai Zi’s Dish for instance, chef layers hearty piece of pan seared foie gras over caramelized watermelon, pairing luscious, melt-in-the-mouth creaminess with refreshing fruity touch.

Ruyi’s Sushi RM43.00

A visit to Ruyi & Lyn is incomplete without their most celebrated dish – Ruyi’s Sushi. Hainanese Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak and Mango Sticky Rice – the famous street food that well-represent Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok presented in the form form of sushi. Refined version, “Antman – size”, but packed with flavours. We can’t find a reason for not loving this creative dish.

Crab Curry Fried Rice RM58

Apart from ala-carte all-day-dining menu, Ruyi & Lyn also introduces exclusive lunch menu which covers from Dim Sum such as Gyoza Pancake (RM18), Mango Prawns Roll (RM18), Tom Yam Explosion (RM18), Lemongrass Lobster (RM18), Almond Chicken (RM18) to Casual Main Courses including Ruyi’s Chicken Chop (RM33), H H Wagyu Burger (RM58), Crab Curry Fried Rice (RM58) and Mary’s Little Lamb (RM58).

We had a try on their Crab Curry Fried Rice and was really surprised with both the taste and portion. Fried rice is packed with wok hei, generously laden with seafood, further dressed with aromatic, rich, and mildly spicy crab curry sauce. Flavourful, creamy in every spoonful, but not cloying. Priced at RM58, we would say that this fried rice worth every penny we paid for, as it is huge enough to feed 2 to 3 pax. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Sawadee-ka Prawn Salad RM33

Another noteworthy dish from Ruyi & Lyn ‘s lunch menu Dim Joy series. Eggplant is skilfully cooked, with light, juicy crunch remained instead of being just mushy soft. Infused with flavours from our neighbouring country at North, hence expects plenty of spiciness and sourish concoction that opens up the appetite. Perfect match with the big ,fresh, bouncy prawns.

Chocolate Embrace RM26

End the meal with dessert. Ruyi & Lyn have them in nourishing Chinese way and Western favourite – Summer Breeze Refreshing Yougurt in Cucumber Sorbet (RM26), Aroi Mak Mak Mango Sticky Rice Sushi in Coconut Milk (RM26), Apple Caramel Crepe (RM26), Pumpkin Cream with Vanilla Ice Cream (RM15), Double Boiled Ginseng with Aloe Vera (RM15), Hang Li Po Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Gula Melaka Ginger Tea (12) and Happy Ending Pistachio Creme Brulee (RM26).

Overall review: We first thought Ruyi & Lyn is more towards fine dining restaurant but it is actually quite casual. Everyone is welcomed. Food is delicious. Asides from the nation’s smallest Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice, we recommend Crab Curry Fried Rice for sharing.

Photographer: Summerkid
Write-up: Summergirl

Ruyi & Lyn Modern Chinese Restaurant
4th Floor, Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC),
No. 285, Jalan Maarof,
Wilayah Persekutuan,
59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact: +603 – 2083 0288
Email :

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday : 12.00pm – 2.00am

All Day Tapas
Sunday – Wednesday: 12.00pm – 12.00am
Thursday – Saturday: 12.00pm – 12.30am

Lunch : 12.00pm – 3.00pm
Dinner : 6.00pm – 2.00pm