SodaXpress Review: Create Sparkling Water in 5 seconds at Home!

SodaXpress – create fizzy sparkling water at home in seconds with first sparkling water maker in Malaysia. Stylish, convenient, portable & no battery needed.

When the weather is hot, we buy soft drink to quench the thirst. When we feel bloated after dinner, we buy carbonated drinks to ease the uncomfortable feeling. Whenever we feel like having a drink, soft drinks always come first, even though we know that it is unhealthy. We lost count on how many bottles, cans or probably, cartons of carbonated drinks we bought in one year until recently, we begin feeling extremely guilty for consuming too much sugar, colourings and preservatives from these drinks.

So we thought we should buy a Starter Kit of SodaXpress. Yeap, it is actually a sparkling water maker. Summergirl has been eye-ing on SodaXpress ever since it is made available at Chatime outlets. We even bought few Chatime drinks prepared using SodaXpress sparkling water to try but now we think it is time made our own carbonated drinks at home!

There are currently two design for the brand – SodaXpress SPHERA-T and SodaXpress QUBUS. The former is sleek and young in design with beautiful curves, smooth surface. Available in tiffany blue or white colour.

The latter, QUBUS, is proudly designed by Peter Novague, the chief designer at Novague. It appears in burgundy red, stylish and upscale with a shape that lives up to its name. Either design, it will look fashionable in your kitchen!

We get the QUBUS by ordering from SodaXpress online shop ( CLICK HERE ), and within a week, it arrived at our doorstep. Sooooooo excited!

Unboxing the Qubus Starter Kit. It includes (same to SPHERA Starter Kit):
1 x Sparkling Water Machine
1 x Carbonating Gas Cylinder
1 x Carbonating Bottle

With these 3 items, bubbly water is just steps away! Browse through the manual once and surprised with the super easy procedures. No hassles of plug and socket, detach or attach of this that and so forth. Definitely a product that well-suite lazy Summergirl. Haha. Here’s the steps:

1. Insert Carbonating Gas Cylinder into the machine (just for first time time/ refill).
2. Filled Carbonating Bottle with ONLY cold drinking water until indicated water level (850ml).
3. Twist clockwise and lock bottle on machine
4. Press carbonating button for 3 to 4 seconds or to your desired carbonation level
5. Press pressure release button to release excessive gas
6. Twist counter-clockwise and remove bottle
7. Pour in syrup of your choice and make into amazing drink

Jeng jeng! Done!

SodaXpress carbonating bottle is designed to be high pressure resistant, specially for use with SodaXpress sparkling water machine. BPA-free and can be reused for up to 2 years. Each SodaXpress bottle comes with a fizz-preserving cap which helps to keep drinks fresh longer than store bought bottles. Just tighten it nicely. We’ve tried before up to 3-4 days and it still stay fizzy.

Carbonating cylinders, filled with the essential ingredient to create sparkling water. It is aluminum, light weight, produced according to strict standards to ensure the safety and purity of SodaXpress carbonating gas. The gas source is food grade, HALAL certified. Each cylinder can make up to 60L of sparkling water. When empty, you can have 1  to 1 refilled cylinder exchange at Chatime outlets and Home-Fix D.I.Y stores at only RM40.30, or purchase from SodaXpress online store at RM84.80.

Summergirl gets so use to the system after trying for few times. She can now customize a nice drink at home for Summerkid in less than 5 minutes. Just place the bottle filled with cold water into machine > press and hold for 3-5 seconds > release remaining gas > add honey and lemon slices > violaa! Tasty fizzy drink is ready. It tastes good even on original, without any syrup, fruits added to it.

We love observing the fine bubbles that created within the seconds of process. Our weekend teatime is now more fun with endless ideas of customizing our very own fizzy drinks, and of course, more healthy. We replaced sugar with honey, colouring/ artificial flavours with fruits/ natural syrup. Our all time favourite is honey lemon with mint leaves, and berries flavours. You can check out more recipe on SodaXpress website or Sodaxpress Facebook.

Really no regret for getting ourselves a SodaXpress. At times it work so fast that Summerkid ask: “Wah, done already? I didn’t even notice you went into the kitchen”. Yes, SodaXpress is that quick, convenient to use.

Get yourself a soda maker, make drinks like a champion to impress your friends and family during parties! No more soft drinks in the trolley when doing grocery in hypermarket. With SodaXpress, we’ve drop the can. Maybe is time for you too?